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Let your hands breathe at night

Night treatment is perfect to make your hands soft and supple as the skin does a lot of healing and rejuvenation whilst you sleep.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Let your hands get a skin care routine every night. The benefits of night treatment are so impressive that you wouldn’t have ever imagined. When your hands retire for the day, it is very important to deeply moisturise them after cleansing. This will help keep them beautiful, attractive, silky and healthy.

The main reason your hands start to feel rough is that of the presence of dead skin. Other factors that may harm them include your working environment, health, diet, weather, sun and more. Your hands definitely deserve a good care. The night is the magical time to repair them with full speed cell regeneration.

A step by step regular hand care night regimen:

Cleanse your hands with a moisturising cleanser instead of soap before you go to bed. Be sure to rinse properly. Soap should be avoided because foaming and antibacterial properties of soap are likely to strip your skin of its natural oils.

Pat-dry them with some soft towel or simply shake them dry. Avoid hot dryers to dry your hands as they can easily take away moisture from your skin leaving it dry and rough.

The next step is to moisturise them deeply with coconut body oil. It gets absorbed by the skin easily and soothes cracked, rough and dry hands powerfully. If your hands need a deep treatment, you may apply a super thick pack comprising of coconut oil, jojoba oil and honey.


Gloves will help to retain moisture for long. Put them on after moisturising. However, don’t wear vinyl ones as they may make skin even dryer. Cotton gloves are best for all skin types and seasons.

In the morning, rinse your hands with normal water.

Besides all these steps, use a humidifier in your bedroom to safeguard your hands while you sleep.

Make a pack using natural ingredients – aloe pulp, ground oatmeal, milk, drops of pure coconut oil and few drops of olive oil. Mix all ingredients well. Scrub on your hands on alternative days or at least twice a week. This exfoliant is good to scrub off dead skin that is present on your hands, both before and after moisturising. By scrubbing off dead skin with this process, the fresh skin underneath will be exposed.

When we go to bed, our skin starts to activate its various regeneration programmes. As our hands are affected by many internal and external factors, they need this regular good night care.

Follow this night care routine – no matter your skin condition. This treatment works by firming and regenerating the skin of your hands, at the same time moisturising and minimising wrinkles. Treat them to these hours of calm – you will be rewarded with gorgeous hands.

Soft and silky hands are a treat to eyes and touch! Aren’t they?