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A sneak peek into the mind of an introvert

Introvert people are often misunderstood as shy or arrogant. They are special too in their own way.

Ranjeeta Rastogi | New Delhi |

Here is a letter from an extrovert to all the other extrovert people out there who have a kind of opinion of being somewhat better than all the introverts around them.

Let me tell you then, this is not always the case my friends. I also used to think that what’s there in an introvert’s life, we extrovert are so cool, we have a life, we are far far better than those introvert people who knows nothing but to be a bookworm always… but actually introverts are the people who are often misunderstood as shy or arrogant people.

On the contrary the fact is totally different. They also feel happy when they are around people, but very selected ones.

People who are born with this special trait are as ‘normal’ as we all are, it is the thing called perception that we all have in our minds like – ohh…he is a very self absorbed person, she doesn’t like to hang-out with humans or like he is arrogant that’s why he doesn’t talk much…or maybe he doesn’t consider us worth talking and blah blah blah….For God’s sake stop making such judgments about all the introverts.

It is high time we open our eyes and shut all the prejudices that our mind speaks about our introvert buddies, they just want their own time and when they get they do wonders even in fields like sports.

Yes, the field which is considered quite off in general for people who are ‘shy’ or are not aggressive, Introbuds have achieved great heights there too and if you don’t believe me then here is a reality check.


Ajinkya Rahane, Cricket, introvert
Ajinkya Rahane (Photo: Facebook)

Ajinkya Rahane – the man of few words…Yes our very own Rahane, the famous cricketer, who has the rare combination of intent and techniques, according to our Captain Kohli, is also an introvert as claimed by MS Dhoni in one of his interviews. Rahane is a kind of person who is not really rigid, instead he is quite open to ideas, Dhoni said when was asked about Rahane. Just like any other introvert person he doesn’t like to be the centre of all the attention, he believes in giving his best when there is an opportunity to do so…and he does the same.

See….introverts are also open, well may be not to humans, but to ideas definitely.

The next person in the list is Chess grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, the one who recently bags the title at World Rapid event, has made on our list of Introbuds.

Vishwanathan Anand, introvert, chess champion
Vishwanathan Anand (Photo: wikimedia commons)

“Enjoy what you do. Always experiment a lot and have a fresh perspective. Never be afraid of challenges” is what the mantra he follows.

Our Chess champion is considered as a humble person who has played a variety of sports as a child, but on being asked about what upsets him or on what moment he loses his temper, he simply said that he likes to keep his emotions just to himself.

Ouch!…‘keeping emotion to oneself’…this may be a thing which remains quite far from an extrovert, I mean we extrovert just can’t do this, simply hell no…we need people to get our inside stuff out but yeah one way or another it is beneficial, at least these people are independent.

cristiano ronaldo, soccer, world-celebrity, sportsperson
Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo: Facebook)

To our surprise the next famous introvert is the heart throbbing football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes for every girl who says she loves football because she has a huge crush on this super talented soccer player…here is a news that Ronaldo is an introvert.

His family and friends describe him as a person who once was just into three things that are…food, sleep and soccer. He used to play soccer for almost like whole day, even skipped meals for his game. His immense passion for the game has brought him to the heights where he stands today in the world among all others.

Introvert people are quite passionate about their work, it is generally observed.

The battle of who is better between introvert and extrovert is a never ending thing and we should not start it here, but all we can do is to understand and give them their space instead of making unnecessary opinions about them or criticizing them for not indulging in activities that we often indulge in.

All in all introvert are also special people who are quite allergic to a large extent of attention unlike us.