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India’s very own Rihanna is breaking the internet | See pictures

SNS | New Delhi |

In our country where obsession with the white skin is undeniable, Renee Kujur from Chhattisgarh is making a name for herself as “India’s Rihanna”. Once mocked for her dark skin, Renee, who is a model, looks as exotic as any other white-skinned girl.

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The 23-year-old girl from Bagihca, Chhattisgarh, is ruling the internet and has been tagged as a doppelganger of international pop icon Rihanna.

Talking to News 18, Renee said, “It started while I was working as a sales staff inside a Tommy Hilfiger store in Chhattisgarh. People, especially foreigners, noticed that with some makeup I look like Rihanna. I decided to use it to my advantage.”

“I had to do something but I did not want to change my face. I wanted to show that my colour is beautiful,” she added.

On her striking resemblance to Rihanna and how it benefited her, she said, “It is hard for dark-skinned models to get work as compared to lighter skinned women. Now that I am known as Rihanna’s doppelganger, I get decent offers. But I had a really tough time getting assignments before due to my colour. Even now the offers and pay fairer girls get is disproportionate.”

Although Renee proudly flaunts her dark skin, the model has been a target of discrimination too.

“Nowadays most agencies hire white girls, and I don’t mean fair girls but white girls from abroad. Even if they hire dark-skinned girls, they want Africans or African Americans as they are more ‘exotic’. There is no room for the Indian dark-skinned girl,” Renee said commenting on the outlook of people.

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Check out the pictures and tell us how much Renee reminds you of Rihanna.

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