Pregnancy, also known as gestation is a period from conception to birth. It is a state in which a woman carries a fertilised egg in her womb. It generally lasts up to 40 weeks and is grouped into three stages. It is a time when everyone heaps with loaded advice like what to eat, what not to eat, drink this and a lot more.

Childbirth is a natural and universal phenomenon. Women generally have an unclear notion that childbirth pain is unbearable. Here are a few myth and facts every woman should be aware of.

Some essential steps to a healthy pregnancy:

Exercise: Planning to become a mom? It is necessary to stay active. Regular exercise helps to maintain the body weight, improves circulation, boosts your mood and lets you enjoy a good sleep. One should consult the doctor before starting any exercise programme.

Educate yourself: Even if it’s not your first experience but proper childbirth knowledge helps you have a better pregnancy and delivery.

Track your weight gain: Eating for two? It’s good but then don’t forget to eat healthy and follow a balanced diet, suggested by your nutritionist. It will help you get back to your normal weight post delivery.

Myth: Have a spoon of ghee to lubricate your nerves

False: Ghee will only make you fat. Exercising is a better option as it makes your body flexible. It is important to stay active during this phase so that your joints don’t get creaky.

Myth: Be happy, read good books

True: During this phase, there are different hormonal changes that take place in the body, whenever you are under stress or afraid of any reason. The baby can sense these changes and therefore, it’s important to stay happy during this time.

Myth: Have a glass of milk and ghee or almond milk before going to a hospital.

False: If the mother feels like eating something during labour pain, she should eat something very light to avoid the chances of vomiting.

Over to you

Pregnancy is a very important phase of your life. Stay active, eat healthy, exercise regularly, practice yoga and keep yourself informed.

Don’t take much stress as it’s not good for you and your baby.

But remember, before you plan to follow a diet or take up an exercise regime, consult your doctor to avoid any risk and confusions.

Feel free to get in touch for more tips and guidance.

The writer is the founder and chief dietician, Nmami Life