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Hindi horror movies to binge-watch this Halloween

Here is a list of horror movies that one can watch with their friends and celebrate Halloween at home.

SNS | New Delhi |

Halloween is here. How about binge-watching some of those classic Hindi horror films on this day.  The Indian film industry has got evergreen movies like Raaz, Saaya and many others. These movies hold so many ‘thrills’ that viewers can still be scared no matter how often they watch them. Here is a list of horror movies that one can watch with their friends and celebrate Halloween at home.


Saaya, a 2003 Indian Hindi supernatural fantasy romantic thriller film, is directed by Anurag Basu and produced by Mahesh Bhatt. An unofficial remake of the Hollywood movie Dragonfly, Saaya defines the attachment between two amazing doctors who work in the same hospital and fall in love. In case, you missed watching this movie when it was released, now’s the perfect time for a binge.


Raaz, a 2002 movie, shows the chemistry between Sanjana and Aditya, who retreat to Ooty to give a last chance to their crumbling marriage. But the break turns into a nightmare when Sanjana starts hearing screams. A spirit is haunting Sanjana, while Aditya is hiding a secret that could steer him from life to death.

Khilona Bana Khalnayak

Helmed by Mahesh Kothare, Khilona Bana Khalnayak is a haunted movie that shows a criminal who gets killed in a toy factory and leaves his spirit behind in a doll. The doll then is bought by a shopkeeper who slowly realizes that the doll is behind the recent deaths. If you’re not a film nerd, there’s a chance you haven’t seen this 1995 classic.


Ram Gopal Varma’s movie gives the scariest view when a married couple moves into a flat that is haunted by a spirit, a series of inexplicable experiences drive the woman to near madness. Now, the husband must protect his wife to save their marriage.


Vikram Bhatt always leaves his fans in awe with his direction style. 1920 also brings back the expression. The plot revolves around a man who after forsaking his family and religion finds his wife in a demoniacally possessed state.