Cholesterol — for a new life?

For life to exist along with other molecules and chemicals, cholesterol is most crucial

Cholesterol — for a new life?

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What is the factor that creates a new life? And, if it is cholesterol then how far is it important for us?

Like when an egg is kept at 99°F, 50%-60% humidity and proper environment it gives rise to a new life. But, “what is the factor that creates a new life?” A lab test can help you find out that 62% of the energy in an egg is cholesterol — in fact high cholesterol!

However, if this cholesterol is lowered in an egg then no life can exist; therefore, it goes without saying how essential cholesterol is!


Not only for the birth of a bird from an egg but even for us — humans!

Hence, for life to exist along with other molecules and chemicals, cholesterol is most crucial.

Even in pregnancy, it is very essential for the females to have high cholesterol to conceive and maintain a life within them. Therefore, it is cautionary for females not to intake any cholesterol lowering drugs during pregnancy.

For your knowledge, all the cholesterol lowering drugs have been categorized as ‘X-drugs’, as given by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration. These are prohibited for females as they may interfere with pregnancy and affect the development of fetus or incorporate deformities.

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The FDA being referred here is Food and Drug Administration, United States. It’s not the FDA-India as they are mere followers of the FDA-United States.

Here, the most widely prescribed cholesterol lowering drug is Statins. You can conveniently find ‘statins’ written over each pack of cholesterol lowering drug though under different brand names.

Astonishingly, the affects of cholesterol lowering drugs is no different on males; as it greatly increases the chances of in-fertility in men as well. These drugs increase the risk of Erectile Dysfunction by 51% in males as given by the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 1996. The chances of sperm abnormality rise by 11% in males as given by the Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 2014.

To sum up, as cholesterol is life and when being lowered then it significantly impairs with the reproductive efficacy of both males and females. Even only a small dependency for some time on this drug can cause in-fertility, fetus deformities along with still births.

Adding to this, lowering of cholesterol has also been found to be associated with increased risk of breast cancer by 11 times in women as reported under Care Trial and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, 1996.

It should be notified that it’s not 11%, but shockingly 11 times!

Also, it is crucial to mention that all the research work or trials being referred here are well established and approved by the FDA. These have a huge share in the management and regulation of the cholesterol lowering drugs.

In 2012, the FDA issued a warning against the cholesterol lowering drugs as they found ‘Statins’ to induce Diabetes, Muscle Damage and Memory Loss.

To understand the real meaning of may cause or ‘induce’, it becomes important to understand the medical language and its hidden implications. As, when they say the drug may cause certain side-effects, but whether it will in your case or will not – is in itself an alarming question! Try to understand this trap as it will surely adversely affect you because in medical language using the word “definite” is prohibited. However, the reality that surrounds is that, “It will definitely have adverse affects on you!”

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Appallingly, all the above side-effects or so diseases caused by cholesterol lowering drugs are life-threatening! However, if we talk about memory loss in particular then it has its own attributes because our brain is more than 50% of cholesterol! Not only this, the brain itself forms the cholesterol that it requires and to avoid wasting and sharing of this cholesterol formed by the brain into the body; there functions a Blood-Brain-Barrier.

Astonishingly, though the brain is only 1% to 2% of total body weight, but its cholesterol utilization is 25% of that of the entire body.

To conclude, as you intake cholesterol lowering drugs; it affects the functioning of brain and leads to anxiety, memory loss and restlessness. It’s important to mention that this is no hypothesis or a matter of chance but a definite occurrence. As by now, you all must have acknowledged that the brain mainly functions on cholesterol.

Hence, cholesterol is not just a body’s simple organic molecule but is a highly crucial substance essential for maintaining an optimal health.