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Here are foods to fuel kids at school

Add these ingredients to your child’s box and give them the energy to survive the whole day in school. 

SNS | New Delhi |

Going to school is a very hard working thing for the children as they have to attend various classes, activities, they have to play, carry their heavy bags and so on. So, we being responsible parents and caring foods must give them something which is very healthy, nutritious and high in fibre. Today we have collected various lunch and breakfast ideas that will fuel your child in school. Read on to find them!

Foods to fuel kids at school


Add grated cheese to soups, pasta, casseroles, mashed potato, scrambled eggs, tinned spaghetti or baked beans or melted on vegetables. Use cream cheese in dips or spread on biscuits and bread.

Whole grains

Whole grains, which are part of the carbohydrate family, contain several B vitamins like thiamin and riboflavin and minerals such as iron and magnesium. These nutrients provide energy and support for your body’s immune and digestive systems.


Spread on toast or crackers. Try to include in sandwiches or puree and eat as a dip or add to other pureed foods. They provide energy to the body to survive the whole day.

Butter and margarine

Melt over vegetables, rice and pasta. Spread thickly on bread and toast. Spread on sweet and savoury biscuits.

Plant-based oil e.g. olive oil

Add oil to any cooked dishes, especially vegetables. Try stir fry vegetables or fried rice. Brush oil on meat after grilling food for the rest of the family and use oil-based salad dressings.

Mayonnaise and dips e.g. hummus

Use as a spread in salad sandwiches, mix with tuna or egg to use on dry biscuits or in sandwiches. Use as a salad dressing or serve with fish cakes or fish fingers.


Berries are nutritional powerhouses. They are a great source of antioxidants and flavonoids, which help our cells repair damage and fight disease and boost memory, which means children may retain more of what they learn.

Add these ingredients to your child’s box and give them the energy to survive the whole day in school.