Rajasthani food is a perfect blend of traditional Indian culture, nutritious food and rich spices for the taste buds. Khandani Rajdhani in Park Street offers the wholesome dining experience of Rajasthan to the food crazy city of Kolkata. “The restaurant has a traditional and cultural ambiance. It emits a family like vibe that is why it's called Khandani,” said
Soumali Chakraborty, marketing manager, Rajdhani Thali.

The large steel platter laid out beautifully attracts people from all communities for the ultimate maharaja style experience.
The guests are welcomed with Aarti and a Tikka on the forehead as part of the tradition. They believe in the age –
old saying of Atithi Devo Bhava and treat their guests with hospitality.

The thali consists of 26 different dishes like Dal Bati Churma, Paneer Rajwadi, Aloo Kofta Lasuniya, Palak Moong Dal, Phulka, Puri, Papad, Jodhpuri Khichdi, Steamed Rice, Butter Milk, Pineapple Jalebi and many more.

Each katori is a medley of colours, textures and flavours that complements each items on the plate. To keep the food highly authentic, the entire kitchen staff are from Rajasthan. The chefs are trained at the head office of Rajdhani at Mumbai and are called “corporate chefs”.

These chefs then go to different outlets of the restaurant on a rotation basis to train the outlet chef.

The place is specific about the size, colour and quality of the vegetables it buys from the vendors. There is a chef
to specially check the texture, freshness, smell, colour and taste of the food before it is served to the guests. The restaurant has a sign on the kitchen door that says “Rasoi mai apka swagat hai”. People enter the kitchen not just to give complements but can also make their own Roti! This also gives the customers the chance to see the hygiene and authenticity of the food.

There is a traditional copper plate at the entrance of Rajdhani. The delighted guests can hit the plate with a stick
before leaving. The reply to this is “Hao Jo” which means “Do come back” in Gujarati. This practice is called “Aao Thali
Bajao through which the guests express how much they loved the food and the service.

Apart from Rajasthani food, the restaurant also serves extraordinary Gujarati and Maharashtrian food. Jazzed
up items such as Pizza Dhokla and Mogerdal Bhakarwadi are definitely a must try. Undhiyu is a Rajasthani Food Festival celebrated during the winter with great enthusiasm on a regular basis.

This makes the guests feel closer to the culture and tradition. Not only this, Mango Festival is also celebrated in the months of summer. The serving staff are really hospitable and urge the guests to take more in a kind yet persuasive manner.

Khandani Rajdhani truly is the “King of Thali”.