Weekend bliss is over and you are back to the grind. But, don't make it just another manic Monday. Shoo away the Monday blues with some sweetness.

Try this pretty fruity pudding and fill your day with sweetness. Rich in calcium and vitamin D, this recipe of fruity custard pudding is a nutritious and delicious treat to celebrate any day. It is easy to make and utterly sweetly delicious.

Preparation time: 20 minutes; Cooking time: 45 minutes; Setting time in refrigerator: Three hours; Serves six


Fat free milk – 1 litre, Custard powder –  6 table spoons, Sugar  –  5 table spoons, Fresh cream – 2 cups. Mix fruit cocktail tin – 1 small, Sliced fruit cake –  1 small packet, Cake-fruit – 1 table spoon


Keep the milk on high flame and let it boil

Mix custard powder in normal water to make a thick

Slow the flame when the milk boils and add custard solution in it

Keep stirring it slowly, otherwise lumps will start forming

Let it boil for 15-20 minutes but stir constantly

Add four table spoons of sugar in it and mix well

Cook it for 10 more minutes

Turn off the gas and let it cool at room temperature

Take fresh cream and add one table spoon of sugar in it

Beat it gently. It is better to add sugar powder instead of sugar crystals to mix easily and properly

Cut open the mix fruit tin and drain the sugar syrup

Chop the fruit finely

Take a deep glass tray having edges on all the four sides

Spread a layer of sweetened cream at the bottom of the tray

Place the slices of cake on it

Spread the second layer of cream on top of the cake slices

Mix all the chopped fruits in the custard after it gets cool. Pour it on the layer of cake and cream

Garnish with red and green cake fruit

Refrigerate it for three hours and serve it chilled

No doubt, puddings have high calories. But we have reduced few calories content by using skimmed milk instead of full cream milk. So, break your diet rule, go ahead and enjoy this creamy custard pudding.