Have you been trying to lose weight or stay slim by avoiding sugar and opting for sugar supplement? Probably, you are losing patience as your efforts have not may not been showing the desired result. This is because artificial sweeteners or substitutes for sugar that gives a sweet taste may not help you lose weight or slim down.

In fact, artificial sweeteners may make you crave for more sweetened food, resulting in more calorie intake and weight gain.

Scientists have found a complex function in the brain in regard to sugar intake. The brain responds to artificially sweetened food in a way that heightened the appetite, according to researchers at the University of Sydney. The sweet sensation in the brain is linked with energy content. When there is imbalance in sweetness and energy content for a while, the brain recalibrates and increases total calories consumed.

The artificial sweeteners were also found to cause hyperactivity, insomnia and affect sleep quality. Also, eating more sweetened food would lead to more calorie intake, resulting in natural weight gain.

Hence, next time, you try to pick up artificial sweeteners from a shop, think twice.