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Taste of culture and history too

People go from all over the country to taste Kanwarji’s delectable Dal Biji, the recipe for which is a well-kept family secret.

Hasrat Sandhu | New Delhi |

As the saying goes, old is gold, Chandni Chowk is synonymous with street cuisine in those narrow lanes, you’ll find the most authentic and tasty street delicacies that you can hardly find anywhere else in Delhi.

We all have friends and relatives visiting from different cities, and a trip to Chandni Chowk will allow you and your guests to enjoy delicious food while learning about Delhi’s history.

When we think of Chandni Chowk, we think of food. Chandni Chowk is the universe unto itself! While the rest of Delhi is booming with new cafes and bars, Chandni Chowk’s age-old restaurants and humble stalls/kiosks are just as valuable.

We’re talking about the area’s oldest shops (over 100 years old) that continue to provide the most delectable Delhi-style food you won’t find anywhere else. They are a tradition, and as a real Delhiite, you must visit them at least once. A market known for its jewellery but also for its tasty cuisine From there, begin your Chandni Chowk street food adventure.

1. The Old Jalebi Wala
This jalebi shop is nearly 200 years old, but their jalebi is still famous today. Their large-sized, juicy, and delicious jalebis will leave you wanting more.

2. Parathe Wali Gali

The Parathe Wali Gali is well-known for its delectable paratha, a browned Indian flatbread. The parathas are really inexpensive, and you may eat to your heart’s desire! Exceptional fillings including cashew nuts, almonds, and a variety of other dry fruits are included in the assortments.

Mix parathas, rabri, khoya paratha, Gobi paratha, and other flatbreads The paratha is usually served with sweet tamarind dips, mixed vegetable pickles, one paneer dish, aloo sabzi, and a sautéed crush of sweetened pumpkin squash. This place is also known for its wonderful lassi, which is frequently served in Kulhads.

3. Natraj

You just cannot visit Chandni Chowk without trying the famed dahi Bhalla or the crispiest aloo Tikki, or both. All of our chaat fantasies are constructed of soft bhallas topped with a variety of chutneys and a spicy masala. The Dahi Bhalla is thick and flavorful, and all of the chutneys are thick and flavorful, which is why this business has become a sort of landmark. When you’ve had your fill of Dahi Bhallas, don’t forget to taste their Aloo Tikki. It’s drenched in a zesty green chutney and a dash of saunth, and it’s delicious.

4. Gole Hatti
If you enjoy chole kulche and eat it on a regular basis, Gole Hatti will make you forget about all other restaurants. With the soft, spongy kulchas, the unique chole has hardly no oil yet tastes exquisite.

5. Giani’s Di Hatti
Giani’s Di Hatti is the indisputable champion of rabri falooda sales. Since they opened, the heart-warming taste has remained unchanged, and this is Giani’s first outlet in Delhi.

6. Kake Di Hatti
Try the aloo paneer naan with palak paneer, which we highly suggest. You’ll keep coming back for more since it’s so delicious.

7. Kanwarji’s
People go from all over the country to taste Kanwarji’s delectable Dal Biji, the recipe for which is a well-kept family secret. Other must-try sweets and namkeens include their amazing Pista Lauj, Aloo Ke Lachhe, Chocolate Ghewar, and Chana Barfi, among others. They also serve delicious chole bhature.

8. Bishan Swaroop Chaat Corner
Chaat and aloo Kulla are organic products that are incredibly delicious. Aloo chaat and other natural fruit product chaat are the ones to get, and you can also ask him to adjust the masalas to your preferences. Regardless of his fame, the nature of masalas and the focus on cleanliness has not changed.

9. Khan Omelette Corner
The Khan Omelette Corner’s slow-down is a very common basic joint when it comes to breakfast time. Great parathas with spiced egg filling, a good amount of flavour, green stew, a small bunch of coriander, and a delicious mango pickle. On weekends, the best time to have their delicious egg paratha is in the morning or afternoon.

10. Annapurna Bhandar
This century-old sweet store, run by the third generation of sweet makers, produces the most authentic Bengali delicacies in Delhi. From ultra-spongy Rasgullas to lesser-known beautiful desserts like Kadambari, the shop provides a diverse selection. On your next journey to Chandni Chowk, you must try their unique Misti Doi & Sandesh.