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Food Review: Grab palatable, delectable ‘chatpata swad’ at Imly Cafe

Imly’s ultimate culinary vision has always been to serve authentic street food from across the country under one roof, amidst an aesthetic ambience and of course, a presentation that is a treat to the eyes.

Shalini Pathak | New Delhi |

What comes to your mind when you think of ‘street food’, some chatpata swad (tangy taste), Right! And if you will think about it you can’t suppress your craving but to grab the taste of delicious dishes. Your concern towards health, hygiene and the Delhi streets facing ‘severely bad’ air quality and pollution levels will make you think to restrict your taste buds. But you can throw caution to the wind, no matter how worse air quality level is.

Are you getting excited to know more about it? Then don’t suppress your craving. Step out of your safe zone because here in Delhi’s Karol Bagh there is a place called Imly Café where you can satisfy your chatpata craving by feeding your taste buds to all types of tastes and  textures. Be it tangy, sweet, salty, creamy, and sour and end number of items to choose from. Imly café’s street food will hit you hard but not on your pockets, just your tongue.

The famous Chatpatalicious chain of restaurant, Imly has been taking Delhiites by storm ever since its initial opening in 2015. Their ultimate culinary vision has always been to serve authentic street food from across the country under one roof, amidst an aesthetic ambience and of course, a presentation that is a treat to the eyes.

Now come closer to grab lip-smacking dishes starting from its cold and tangy drink, its specialty Banta Shikanji. Kokum plays the host and best selling flavour in the house of Shinkanji and deserves all the appreciation. Its taste will truly give you the sense of perfect street-side shikanji, as soon as you start sipping it you will feel all the ingredients in your mouth from chatpata, khatta to sweet, an amalgamation of all the healthy ingredients. Kokum is not the only one that will satiate your thirst but many more flavours to choose from, like Pineapple flavour, Ginger, Passion Fruit, Mango. You will fall in love with our desi Mojitos, the Shikanjis.

You can also light up your mood by having another combo, Summer Coolers, where you will get Tadka Chhanch, Lassi or much more. Talking about beverages one can’t forget about shakes, they call it Imlycious Shakes under which you will get all types of Shakes like Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry, Oreo, Kitkat, especially it’s special among all, Classic cold coffee.

Enough of drinking? Then let’s have some desi Chowmein, it is truly spicy in taste, filled with Indian love and spices, it is absolutely tikha where you can not hide your feelings but to say, Waah Maza aagya! Garnished with lots and lots of beans and onions, a perfect package of mouth-watering taste and healthy veggies going in one dish. Find it interesting? Indeed!

You are not a true Delhiite if you haven’t had Golgappas with thika pudine ki chutney or mint chutney. Thinking what is so special in this? Yes, Imly’s Dahi golgappa is absolutely different from what you get on streets generally. Stuffing with Dahi, pudina, sev, anardana and lot more spicy ingredients, gives you lip-smacking twist. And if you are not Dahi lover then have a pani Golgappa with mint pudine ka pani or saut or hing ka pani. Choice is yours!

This is just the beginning in Imly’s chaat segment, there are lot more chaats that will definitely give you a sense of gastronomical fusion with its amazing street food recipes. Be it fun combos like Idly Chaat, Samosa Chaat, a typical aloo samosa, dip in pindi chole and then again garnishing with sav, anardana, pudina, thika chutney that makes it typical UP or Rajasthani samosa chaat.

Youngsters, here in Imly, a big combo is waiting for you like Vada pav with Chai, Samosa with Chai, Steam Idly with Sambhar, Cholley Bhature with Lassi, Dal Makhni with Bread or Rice, and it’s not just enough there are plenty of more combos to give special treat to your friends that too within your budget.

So if you want to fill your stomach with heavy meals and that too in a very delicious way then try, its Chinjabi. Sounds interesting? Then make it more special, it’s a combination of two cuisines, Chinese or Punjabi, all the typical Punjabi tadka served with sophisticated chop-stick Chinese manner. Tune in to the rhythm and listen to the palatable dishes. Gun powder idly, Crispy Corns, Honey Chilly Potato, Chilly potato, Manchurian Dry, Chilli paneer dry or much more.

Now, it’s time to go inside the kitchen and grab all the delectable dishes.  Named ‘Punjabi terminal’ both catchy and crispy, dishing out cuisines as desi as the name. So presenting, show-stealer Rajma Chawala, indeed its pure, authentic taste, will surely give you Ghar ka sawad, Pindi Choley Chawal, Amritsari Choley Kulche, its special, Thali- The Imly Way (with complimentary starter).

It’s not done yet! Mughlai starters, main course and Imli noodles also rule the house of Imly. Feeling too spicy then need not worry because Imly special desserts will calm your sweet tooth with a street style kulfi, all types of flavours from mango to paan to malai or keser.  And many more with twist in the tale like Jamun with black salt, jalebi kulfi- The Imly Way, Royal Falooda. And above all that will steal your heart for sure which is Kitkat Fritters, fried, crispy or chocolaty outside, filled with melted KitKat chocolate inside, surely deserves a special place in your heart.

Wait for a minute! Don’t go anywhere; Imly has a surprise for you, served with love, filled with spices Imly Chaat Festival is here  at all the seven outlets be it in Rajouri Garden, Rajender place, Dwarka, Karol Bagh or Noida, Gurugram. You will get a special treat everywhere.

Imly Chaat festival is going to end on November 15, so folk what are you waiting for? Grab now! Starting at just Rs 200, Imly Chaat has been running since October 15. Let’s start from its most loved one, Vada pav Inside out, absolutely justifies its name, stuffed with mash aloo, mutter, dhaniya with all the Indian spices, gives you the taste of vada pav with bread sandwich. The unique recipe makes the West Indian street food stand out in the crowd. Then comes fried momos, stuffing with vegetables, paneer or corn, creamy, chewy layer from inside, crispy, more flavoured layer from outside, garnishing with sev, anardana, pudina, katta mitha chatmasala, makes it even more delectable or Chatpata. Chilli paneer katori chaat is an ultimate new concept, shaped like a small square katori, filled with chop off chili potato, add up extra chilli to make for the spicier taste buds. Chaat festival brings more from the House of Imli like Mutter Kulcha sandwich, Rajasthani Kalmi Vada, served with simple garnishing like ginger, and garlic chutney. It’s very crispy, very snacky. Chilgoza Nariyal ki Nazakat, Ghoogni salsa chaat and lot more of such not so normal preparations are there.

Make some space in your stomach for a special desert- Jalebi Chaat, served with five jalebis, four of which give you salty, tangy taste, mixed with Dahi and garnishing of chatpata chaat masala. And on top of it, one jalebi seems like a regular sugary one.

Luv Luthra, Marketing Manager said, “We have seven outlets in all over Delhi- NCR with the same name Imly Café and all have a different ambience, food style or even design. We are very concern about people and hygienic condition for them so here in Imly, you will get all types of street food with fun or fusion”.

“We have a student crowd more as compared to the family because in Karol Bagh, most of the institute, colleges are here and they start coming as soon as the restaurant opens”, he added.

Imly has been widely popular as a pure-vegetarian restaurant that serves delectable dishes and of course, it’s street food has been creating the buzz among all its servings. Rightfully so, because the kind of food Imly serve has seldom been heard of in the Delhi food circles.

Thinking about what? Give your family or friends a perfect treat with street food, book your tables now before you miss out. Make your mood right by having all types of delicious street food.

Address: Apsara Arcade, SN I & 2, Ground Floor, Near Metro Gate No.5

Where: Karol Bagh, Pusa Rd, North extension area, Rajinder Nagar.

Cost for two: 800-1000 (approximately)

Timing: 11am-11pm (open all days)