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Five heroes of a healthful diet

A balanced diet accompanied with a healthful lifestyle is the mantra for a long and healthy life

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

There are certain foods that are more nutritious than others. They also have a protective effect against a range of diseases. These foods are the real heroes of a balanced diet. Include them in your regular diet to cherish good health and dynamism. It is a group of five foods which include:

Cruciferous vegetables: Cruciferous vegetables include cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, radish, turnips, etc. These veggies are low in calories and rich in folate, vitamin C, E, K, fiber and phytonutrients. Cruciferous vegetables keep you fuller longer and help you achieve weight-loss. These vegetables are linked to lower risk of certain cancers by reducing oxidative stress and cardiovascular disease by lowering the levels of inflammation. Cruciferous vegetables are unique in that they are a rich source of sulphur-containing compounds.

Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits include grapefruits, lemon, tangerine, kinnow, mosambi, orange etc. These fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, plant compounds, and fiber. They are low in calories and may boost heart health, brain health, skin health and immunity. They may also reduce the risk of weight gain, kidney stones, and certain cancers. These fruits are rich in water content so they help keep the body hydrated.

Carrots: Carrots are a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Being loaded with vitamin A, carrot prevents night blindness. The antioxidant effects of dietary carotenoids in carrot may reduce the risk of cancer. Being high in fiber, the vegetable promotes gut health. They are low in calories and sugar too. So they can help people with diabetes. The fiber and potassium in the carrot may help manage blood pressure. Vitamin C in the carrot boosts the immune system’s function and healing. Vitamin K, calcium and phosphorus all contribute bone health together.

Edamame: Edamame bean is a young soybean that contains many health benefits. The naturally gluten-free plant-based food is an excellent source of protein, iron, fibre and calcium. It contains low calories and no cholesterol. This soy protein may benefit cardiovascular health and improved energy levels. Regular consumption of edamame bean can combat Alzheimer’s disease, certain cancers such as breast and prostate cancer, bone loss, depression, diabetes, inflammation, and menopause-related problems. This tasty and healthy legume can be a good snack option.

Tofu: Made from soybean curds, tofu is naturally gluten-free and low in calories. It contains no cholesterol and it is an excellent source of iron and calcium. In addition, it is an important source of protein for vegans. Tofu is made by coagulating soy milk to create curds. The curds are then pressed and compacted into the gelatinous white blocks recognized as tofu. Tofu decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, breast and prostate cancer, type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis, menopause-related problems, liver damage and age-related brain disorders.

These foods have risen in popularity recently due to their apparent disease-fighting properties. These plant-based foods are diverse, each providing strong and unique flavours, they can also provide numerous health benefits. As with any healthful ingredients, these foods can be useful as part of a balanced and nutritious diet.