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Five health benefits of fresh green coffee

Dump the black old coffee. Switch to fresh green coffee to stay in shape and healthy.

SNS | New Delhi |

Have you been drinking too much of black coffee? Time to switch to fresh green coffee, as drinking fresh green coffee daily can help heal you of many health problems.

The extract from fresh green coffee bean which contain chlorogenic acid is said to reduce glucose absorption, carbohydrate and fat content in the body

According to science and studies, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee helps to reduce weight and risks of heart diseases.

This chlorogenic acid is removed when coffee is roasted. Hence, regular consumption of green coffee is promoted as a health drink.

Benefits of drinking fresh green coffee

1. It helps in better brain functioning, improves memory and prevent Alzheimer’s disease

2. Rich in free radical-combating antioxidants it helps to treat bacterial infections and promotes better detoxification of harmful matters in the body

3. It helps to lower blood pressure

4. It may lower blood sugar levels and control diabetes and obesity

5. It may help prevent rheumatoid arthritis

However, access of everything is unhealthy. Experts suggest drinking green coffee in moderation to make the best of its several health benefits.