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Fight depression with simple living

Nothing lasts forever. Take one thing, one day at a time, and chin up!

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

The fast-paced hectic modern lifestyle often takes a toll on most people, both young and old, making it difficult for many to find contentment and happiness in living. And most people suffer from restlessness and depression that leads to several fatal health issues.

Man’s desires and demands are endless, but it is a fact that materialistic things do not provide inner joy and peace. Even the richest in the world suffer from wanting and bouts of depression. For, it is the simple things and simple pleasures in life that can help fight sadness, loneliness and depression. If you are suffering from depression, the following tips may help.

First thing, nothing in this world lasts forever. Even the pain you are going through will not last. So, stop worrying. The Take each day as it comes. Simplify your life.

Simplify life: The mantra is to simplify life. Take each day as it comes. Do not crowd your day with too many things. Just do what you can. Do not worry about what you cannot do, for what matters is what you can do.

Focus on what you can do: Just do what you can. Do not worry about what you cannot do, for what matters is what you can do. And do one thing at a time. Give your best and the best will come back to you, may be not in the way you think. but in special ways.

Focus on what you have: What you don’t have doesn’t matter to you. But take care of what you have and make the most of what you have. What is important is not what you have or what you don’t have, but how you relate to what you have.

Pray for everything: Even the smallest matter in your life matters to your creator. Take everything to God, not only when you are down and troubled but also when happy and life is good.

Count the colours in the rainbow: Thank God for the wonderful colours of life, for the ups and downs that weave a beautiful journey in your life. Being thankful for the smallest of things in your life will help you to cope with any problem in life.

Your needs, not your wants: Avoid cluttering your space and life with too many things. It’s human nature that the more we have the more we want. Keep only what you need, not what you want, for our wants are endless. What matters is what we need.

Be positive: Above all, be positive. What is life without hope? And hope comes from being positive. Shun all negative thoughts and talks. Change your words from negative to positive… from “can’t” to “can”. Anything can happen. This life is full of surprises. The most unexpected can happen. So, don’t ever give up. If it rains today, it may shine tomorrow.

If you are depressed today, it’s fine. It is a natural emotional process that helps to cleanse our lives of things that are worthless and make it meaningful. Just take one thing and one day at a time. And remember, nothing last forever. Life is too fragile, but that’s the beauty of life. Be happy this moment.