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What’s the trend in jewelry nowadays

With the change in consumer preferences, lifestyle, and new-age trends, we can easily find there is a revolutionary change in the designs of Jewelry.

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Jewelry is considered to be the most important accessory in a Women’s life for her to complete any outfit. Women have been wearing & carrying beautiful Jewelry for ages. Sometimes it is used to highlight and enhance women’s personalities, spirit, mood & create a sense of confidence by bringing happiness in them. It is often said a “good outfit isn’t best until it is accessorized with the right Jewelry”

With the change in consumer preferences, lifestyle, and new-age trends, we can easily find there is a revolutionary change in the designs of Jewelry. From dainty gold chain necklace to mini hoops to chandelier earrings to choker necklace to pop enamel collection you surely get to find a dynamic change in what women nowadays love to wear & carry.

If you are the one who loves to carry out a great variety of Jewelry and like to add some dazzle to your life, here are some of the famous followed jewelery trends you girls can surely follow out and check how easily you gonna steal the show!

1. Colour Pop Bright Enamel Collection-The perfect accessory to celebrate any occasion is to carry out a bright enamel collection. This bright Jewelry is good to represent your happy-go-lucky personality and immediately grab people’s attention. These enamel Jewelry are good for the summer season as these vibrant hues, crafty shapes add a whole new layer to typical outfits.

2. Pearls- Pearls are a classic addition to any outfit and absolute must-have jewelry for every woman at some point in her life. For years pearls have been one of the most popular jewelry often worn by women at daytime parties. Wearing a pearls necklace is a romantic way to express your love and give a style statement to your outfit. Oversized, chunky pearls can be accessorized with both summer and winter outfits.

3. Distinct Nature Inspired Jewelry- Good jewelry outshines your outfit and makes you look perfect. With new-age trends, gone are those days when women just preferred to wear gold & diamond jewelry. Designs inspired by leaves, flowers, animals(bugs, butterflies) have grabbed the attention and women now love to wear this nature-inspired jewelry at work, at home parties,day-weddings. These beautiful nature-themed jewelry add a pop of bright color to enhance any look.

4. Gold Link Chain-This season go with gold-link chains that can make a bold-statement solo or layered with different pieces of clothes. From chunky to dainty gold chains, you can accessories this part of jewelry every time anytime and can curate a gilded look. This is best for office-going girls and women’s they can wear this gold link chain & keep the rest of the look super simple.

5. Layer Jewellery-Make your look elegant and subtle with layered jewelry. From layers on layers of gold chain to retro pendant to exquisite choker layering your necklace has become the new fashion trend. Layering jewelry is all over Instagram and girls are loving this and making a new fashion statement. Try using a coin necklace for your base or dainty gold chains with loud lip color, you can even add initials to the layered sets and set your trend.

(By Sanjana Bajaj Khandelwal-Co-founder Zevarking)