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Five sustainable summer fabrics for the sultry weather

Here are five designers who have shared all about clothing, dressing during summer with sustainable fabric.

Sharbani Banerjee | New Delhi |

As the summer sets in, cool and breathable fabrics are much required in one’s wardrobe. While much is available in the market claiming to be skin-friendly and sweat-resistant, some designers have shared their tips on what one should go for in the scorching weather to make their skin happy.

Here are five designers who have shared all about clothing, and dressing during summer with sustainable fabric.

Designer Sanya Garg: I have always believed in using sustainable fabrics for my collection, and have even created fabrics myself using various natural fibers.

Using natural fabrics is not only good for the environment but its good for skin as well, since synthetic fibres and chemicals used in making synthetic fabrics are harmful to both, the environment and the people. I have been using fabrics like organic cotton, matka cotton, linen and ahimsa silk for my collections. The climate conditions of our country also favors natural fabrics as compared to synthetic ones. They are light to carry and are breathable

“For my next collection, I am using Hemp fabric which is a natural sun protective and antimicrobial fabric”, adds Sanya

Designer Pratham Bhalla, Blacq: Pratham, a young designer who has launched his Menswear label, Blacq,  in the summer of 2022, and has soon realized the worth of sustainable fabrics.  In Delhi’s hot summers, nothing soothes the body more than the super light and breathable fabrics.

“In my summer collection, I have only worked with organic cotton, khadi, and linen fabrics. The synthetic fabrics make you sweat more and can even lead to rashes and prickly heat, so for summers, its best to stick to cool and comfortable clothing which only natural and sustainable fabrics can provide”, says the budding designer.

Vikash Pacheriwal, Co-Founder, Raisin Global says,” We are liberally using viscose mixed with rayon, blended with modal or mingled with cotton and witnessing the huge acceptance of all its forms. These blends remain good as new wash after wash and hence are favorites for summertime. One does not sweat while wearing these garments in even extreme heat conditions. Highly sustainable wear, that does not fade or look worn out with time. Another very interesting fact is that this fabric does not create static current making it a comfortable wear as well.”

Designer Dr. Tabassum Siddiqui, Founder of Delhi Art Studio: A fabric that is perfect for summers is linen. It is made from natural, plant-based fibers, and is heat resistant, has a soft texture, and is breezy. Because it is a bacteria-resistant and breathable fabric, it prevents our bodies from overheating and losing moisture. It also helps retain the skin’s natural pH balance and does not aggravate the skin causing allergic reactions.

Designer Vishal Pacheriwal, Co-Founder, Raisin Global: “Today the market offers a wide variety of various blends of viscose, which is derived from wooden pulp. It is a lightweight material with a classy drape, chic finish, and soft feel. It is an absorbent material that does not trap heat. Since it is a breathable fabric, it makes for ideal summer wear. Its appearance is that of silk and its feel is like cotton. It is very durable and can be used for a long time.