Sport a haircut that looks chic and suits your hair texture, the shape of your face and lifestyle. Not every style that looks good on someone may look good on you though it is in high fashion. So, take advice from experts or your hairstylist and get a new gorgeous look.

Chic bob haircut: This style never fades. It holds simple elegance and make you appear chic and smart. The trend now is longer locks in front, broad side-parting and shorter cut on the other side and in the back. It can give you a youthful look.

Front fringe with long hair: Long fringe falling just around the eyes with long hair at the back gives a stylish look. Sometimes you can pin the fringe backward.

Cool shags: The feather cut which gives soft and smooth layers can work great on long or short, straight or wavy hair. A mid length chop is perfect to give the cut a try.

Step cut: The springy layers in step cut enhance volume and style to both mid and long hair. The layers from the mid-level to the tip of your hair, falling step by step looks fashionable and stylish.

Long waves with side bangs: Retaining the length as it is, this hairstyle complements the rocker chic vibe. A long fringe coming down under the eyes outlines the face well. It is an elegant hair cut drawing people’s attention.

The possibilities are endless. Yet, these haircuts are versatile and are always in trend. They give a better feminine statement to your overall gorgeous look. Get regular trims to keep your hair in great health and shape.