The wedding season is right here. Everyone is busy searching for the perfect ensembles for them. But no outfit is complete without the right set of accessories. While these accessories look so pleasing, we all know the pain we bear to wear those accessories, especially a pair of earrings.

To actually hold the weight of heavy earrings in that tiny ear lobe is not everybody’s cup of tea. So, for them who have a certain pair of earrings that they cannot seem to give up, here are few tips that will help you to deal with the pain.

Try to avoid wearing heavy earrings for two consecutive events. One can try and alternate heavy earrings across the wedding events. Your ears need rest. So, space it out and give your ears a day to recover.

Try to go for real metals i.e. whenever possible try to go for gold or silver plated jewellery. People with sensitive skin should avoid costume jewellery whenever possible to avoid any kind of irritation or infection.

One can go for earlobe patches. This is a secret tip used by a lot of celebs. They are little invisible patches and easily stick to the back of your ears. It helps your earlobes tight at the back, preventing it from sagging by the weight of the earrings.

Go for numbing cream. It is easily available at your local chemist shop and is generally used for dental treatment. One can try numbing cream on their earlobes before wearing the earrings

One can opt for ser. It is a delicate metal chain that acts as a support for heavy earrings.