Celebrate health this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day of happiness, a day of feeling loved, and a day where you just want to be with your partner and celebrate love.

Celebrate health this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day, a day of happiness, a day of feeling loved, and a day where you just want to be with your partner and celebrate love. However, this is also the perfect day to be distracted from your healthy routine and make all the wrong choices and eat unhealthy, just to ruin all your efforts in remaining fit. But don’t worry, this year we have got you covered.

5 easy things to follow on how to celebrate the most romantic day with your partner, without compromising on your health.

Go for a Run Together


Busy schedules often don’t allow couples to spend quality time together. We bring you an idea which will not only help you and your partner spend some much needed quality time but also help you in remaining fit. Juts hit a nearby park or a beautiful place, increase your love and togetherness, and have a run together. After your tiring run, just re-energize yourself with a shared Energy/Granola bar and let the love between you and your partner grow.

Alcohol is Overrated, go green tea

Who wants to be drunk and forget some of the most beautiful days of their life. Make beautiful memories of time spent with your partner, not blurred memories of drunken nights. Make this V day about truly caring for each other and keep each other healthy. Sit back andenjoy a calm and peaceful evening doing nothing but talking and getting to know each other better, enjoy your talk with a cup of hot and soothing green tea, lemon tea or infusion teas. A guilt-free evening filled with love and care? Yes please!

Have an Indoor Meal and watch the sunset

Expensive and chaotic restaurants and clubs are not always the answer for a perfect evening. Sometimes all you need is a gateway from your busy life and spend a quiet evening with the person you love. What is more special and intimate than a nice and healthy home-cooked meal, made with all natural ingredients like olive oil and organic spices! Enjoy a nice meal and relax, holding hands with your partner and experience as the sun sets itself.

Just Dance

This year, do something different. Take your partner to a dance party, or better yet, make your home a dance floor. Just twirl around with the one you love and get lost in the beautiful beats of romantic songs. Be In the moment and enjoy every second of it, revel in the moments as the world slows down around you . It just might be the most classic night ever, and you give your body some exercise, you could not hope for a better way to spend the day with your partner .

Gift the Surprise of Health

Still Stuck on the conventional flower bouquets and jewellery to gift to your partner? While diamonds may be a girl’s best friends but they do not top a well thought out gift of love and health. Show your partner you really care!This year surprise your partner with a bouquet of Delicious and healthy products, such as Sugar-free cookies and granola bars.

(Dolly Kumar is Founder & Director at Gaia)