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Here is how you can treat some of your menstrual problems at home

‘That time of the month’ is back again? Don’t fret, there is nothing to worry about!

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

‘That time of the month’ is back again? Don’t fret, there is nothing to worry about!

Nearly 30 per cent of women are extra sensitive to the hormonal fluctuations that happen between ovulation and bleeding. The question arises – how to deal with them? So, here we are going to talk about some easy solutions to some of the common menstrual problems.

Menstrual pains:

  • Boil one teaspoon saffron in half cup of water. Let it reduce to become one tablespoon. Divide this decoction into three portions and take with equal quantities of water, thrice daily for a couple of days.

Menstruation delay:

  • Take half teaspoon finely ground cinnamon every night along with one cup milk.
  • Powder one teaspoon dried mint leaves and take one teaspoon honey, thrice daily.
  • Six to eight almonds, crushed and mixed in one cup milk along with one egg yolk, half teaspoon sesame powder and one teaspoon honey. Take once or twice day.

Menstruation, excessive bleeding:

  • Grind some bel leaves into a fine paste. Take one teaspoon with warm water and drink some cold water as well.
  • Grind ten fresh lead buds of figs and apply on the lower abdomen below the navel for a few hours. Repeat this frequently.
  • Boil one teaspoon coriander seeds in two cups water till it is reduced to one cup. Add sugar to taste and drink when lukewarm. Repeat twice or thrice a day.

Menstruation, painful and irregular:

  • A piece of fresh ginger, ground and boiled in a cup of water. The infusion is taken thrice daily after meals along with sugar.

These problems are common. If you don’t find any relief, do check with your gynaecologist to make sure the cause and cure.