Food is a pack of macro and micro nutrients. We all need food – to stay healthy, energised and productive. Select your food and plan your diet wisely for good health. How healthy you will be in the long run depends on your nutritional choices. Choosing food products that nourish your body is a must.

Embracing new foods is great. Eating processed food is one of them. Yes, cooking processed food is quick and easy but unfortunately it is not as healthy as cooking fresh food. It may be harmful to your body. Opt for more whole foods and less processed food.

The fructose found in every processed food tunes your body to consume more calories, leading to weight gain. The fructose is harmful for the liver as it is predominantly processed by your liver. High sugar levels may lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, heart problems and cancer.

Artificial colours, artificial flavours and preservatives present in this food are not safe at all. They may cause allergic reactions and life threatening diseases.

Eating processed food can lead to full blown addiction. They are designed in a way to stimulate the reward system in the brain. They rule your taste buds and make you crave for more.

Low in fibre and nutrients and high in refined carbohydrates, they are linked with ill health effects and many chronic diseases.

Being high in trans-fats and omega-6 fats, they promote inflammation resulting in many health problems.

Eat straight from mother nature. Discard the food that comes off a factory conveyor belt. The more processed food you eat, the more it affects your health. Trying to change many things in your diet may be tough. Changing a few each month is the right decision. Start by saying no to processed food.