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Inspire with no makeup look

Wear no makeup. Flaunt your natural beauty and be the inspiration to the world.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

In today’s glitzy world of glam, high fashion and cosmetic beauty, natural beauty with no make-up is a thing of rarity. Most girls and women, even in far off rural areas, are exposed to beauty products and cosmetics. And, celebrities with their diva looks often leave the world in awe with their spectacular beauty and glamorous look. The credit, however, doesn’t go to makeup always. Some are naturally flawless in appearance and look so even when their makeup is removed. But some need cosmetics for a complete makeover from the girl or boy next-door look to a diva or star look. Although makeup can give you an amazing transformation, it is good to give the skin some makeup free days for it to breathe deep. And, the natural look can be real beautiful. 

Well, who doesn't want to look naturally beautiful? True, it is hard to think of celebrities and stars without make-up. Naturally beautiful boost self-esteem. The same applies to celebs too. Hard to believe but right! Many of them are accepting the ‘No makeup trend’ gladly. And surprisingly, ‘No Makeup Movement’ is taking over the social media. People in the glam world are discouraging makeup in their personal and public life. In fact, they are going bold by revealing their skin, body and flaws. They have discovered the power of their bare facts, the no makeup look. It’s a big revolution.

No makeup selfies are becoming popular after the famous singer Alicia was photographed without a make-over for the release of her new song “In Common”. Although the cosmetic market is growing, many other celebs can be seen glowing in raw looks. They look catchy. They have started eschewing makeup and loving the way they look in real.

Wow! Famous Mumbai-based choreographer Terence Lewis has also chosen to look natural without makeup in his latest TV show ‘Nach Baliye 8’. In his new bold avatar, he is seen sporting jazzy hairstyle and jumpy looks without makeup. Singer Miranda Lambert also explored the no makeup look for the Annual World’s Most Beautiful Issue. Her only addiction is her moisturiser, sunscreen, mascara and lip gloss which she wears even if she is off. In many of her music videos, she is often seen wearing no make-up.

Many Bollywood actresses, including Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra have also posed for pics without makeup. They look pretty cool, graceful and more accepting of their real selves.

It requires strength to come out of your biggest insecurities and accept your flaws. Have enough courage to reveal yourself. Top celebrities can be a good inspiration. Go clean and clear. Be naturally beautiful. No mask. Just you! Be the inspiration.