Following the blistering summers, monsoons bring much relief for all including plants, animals and humans. While the rains clear out the pollution, leaving behind fresh air, the smell of wet mud can be intoxicating. And amid all this, it makes a perfect time to read books or listen to your favourite music while sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee. But most of the times, this is a distant dream, isn’t it? Yes, all thanks to our hectic schedule, due to which we might need to step out and even get drenched in the rain.

This further affects your hair making them all tangled, ruining your blowdry. Not just this, but this rainwater may have adverse effects on your scalp causing hair damage and loss. Hakuna Matata! We’ve curated a small list to get back healthy hairs.

Avoid too much styling

During monsoons, try to keep your hair minimally styled. Avoid using various tools needed for hair styling such as dryers, straighteners, etc. With the rainwater, your hair is already going through so much distress, using these tools may damage it further.

Wet hair combing? No!

Make it a point not to comb your hair when it is wet. It leads to severe hair fall and breakage. Also, try to have a separate comb to avoid hair scalp infections.

Wash your hair

If you do happen to get drenched in the rain, rather than coming home and drying off, head to take a bath. Use a cleansing shampoo to get rid of the rainwater, which usually is filled with pollutants and free radicals that cause damage and breakage to your hair, leaving it in a worse condition.

Do not tie your hair

While it is common knowledge that wet hair should not be tied, it is advisable that hair not be tied at all during monsoons. If the hair is tied when it gets wet in the rain, severe hair fall is bound to occur.

Hair drying method

Give space to microfibre towels in your bathroom essentials. It helps in soaking the water and drying the hair faster. There is also minimum friction when using a microfibre towel, ensuring hair fall is lesser.