Kohl, commonly known as kajal is undoubtedly every Indian girl’s go-to makeup product. It is used to enhance your eye-makeup and is the most important product of your make-up kit. From an infant to old people, everyone applies kajal. While the kajal pencil has been around for ages, there are some rules to apply kajal on your eyes. We have come up with five common kajal mistakes that people usually do.

Applying it in a single stroke

Start from the inner corner of your eye and slowly move toward the outer corner, using short strokes so that the line doesn’t get uneven. Gently pull down the under-eye skin for a smoother application.

Going ‘over the top’ on small eyes

Avoid going overboard especially if you have small or hooded eyes. Thick lines of kohl on your waterline will further give the illusion of smaller eyes because you’ll be covering more than half of the area with kajal. Instead, keep it subtle with just a thin stroke!


Smudging your kajal does give a smokey effect no doubt, however, it’s not the best thing to do if you are dealing with dark circles. Smudging will only enhance those under-eye circles and bags, leaving you with panda eyes.

Blunt kajal pencil

Never ever use a blunt pencil to apply kajal. This will give you uneven lines and make the application look unkempt. Always take a look at the point of your kajal before going over with it on your eyes, and sharpen from time to time.

Applying it on waterline

If you think kajal application ends with your waterline, then you’re doing it all wrong. If you want a complete kohl-eyed look, then ideally you should be tightening each time you wear kajal. Tightlining is lining your upper lash line using the same pencil. Doing so will enhance your eyes and create a beautiful wide-eyed look.