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5 steps to get a radiant glow

A perfect skincare routine can give you a luminous look and keep your skin healthy for years to come. These are tried and tested methods.

SNS | New Delhi |

Getting that glow isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You don’t need a million hacks and tricks, just a few steps to follow. A perfect skincare routine can give you a luminous look and keep your skin healthy for years to come. These are tried and tested methods. So before emptying your pockets on fancy treatment, no harm in testing out a more organic way. All we ask from you is to trust the process and be patient!

Cleansing: This must be your first and most important step to follow. Your face in the morning has dirt, oil and pollution which clogs your pores and needs to be washed off with something more than water. Choosing the right cleanser which suits your skin type- Normal, Oily, Sensitive, Dry or Combination is essential. An AHA BHA Cleanser gently removes the impurities from your skin. However, it is the key to not overdo it because it would lead to stripping your skin of its natural oils. Remember that your skin needs hydration to look healthy from within.

Exfoliation: The process of removing the skin’s outer layers of dead cells to make the surface smooth and clear is very important. Exfoliation after cleansing helps in unclogging your pores and letting your skin breathe. A daily face scrub or a once-a-week chemical exfoliator such as a face peel should do a job. Again, using a scrub suiting your skin type along with being careful with its usage is pertinent to getting the best results.

Antioxidant Serum: When we talk about Radiant skin, Antioxidant serum is a must and should be
incorporated into your skincare. It helps repair and makes your skin glow. It also helps prevent hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, inflammation, and dullness. This topical skin serum is used on a clean face. There are a variety of these available and can be used according to your preferences.

Hydrate and Moisturise: Hydrating and retaining water content in your skin is extremely important. After cleaning out your pores and leaving your skin bare, it is important to put back some moisture into your skin. Using a hydrating serum for your skin concerns will help repair damaged skin. After that, a moisturiser in the form of a cream or gel depending on your skin type should be applied so your face doesn’t dry out. Dry skin will give your body the indication of producing more sebum, making it worse. Hydrating and moisturising your skin from the inside and outside is a signal to your body to not produce excess oil.

Sunscreen: A sunscreen’s primary job is to lock and protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun or UV lights from screens because prolonged exposure can lead to dullness, dark patches, wrinkles, fine lines, and even cancer in some cases. Sunscreen needs to be the last skincare product on your face, or it defeats the entire purpose of following the other steps. Choosing a sunscreen with the correct SPF for your skin along with knowing your screentime will seal your skin from any damaging rays.

Along with these primary steps, it is important to remember that your lifestyle impacts your skin a lot. Any skincare’s job is to help enhance your skin from what it is but additionally treating your body right will give you the best possible results. Eating right, staying healthy, being hydrated, and staying true to your skincare regime will have a direct impact on your skin.

(By Mr. Anshul Aggarwal founder & CEO of Derma Totale)