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As the stars inspire…

As the stars inspire, the stars in return get huge love and support from their fans

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

The powerful influence that famous personalities and celebrities have on people, especially the younger generation, is often life-long and can shape a person’s life from young to old. While struggling for survival and trying to achieve, to be someone, somebody, the common man often looks for an inspirational figure for a role model. And the power of the stars is incredible.

Few words, a line or two of wisdom by a famous person can trigger a spark in someone’s life. Those words of inspiration can turn a nobody to somebody. Yes, nothing can beat the power of thoughts, ideas and words.

This time, a new poll has named Hollywood actress Emma Watson as the celebrity who most inspires and influences the youth. According to the poll survey, both girls and boys selected Watson from a list of 43 actors, musicians, reality and TV stars to fitness celebs. The poll was commissioned by the National Citizen Service (NCS) and conducted by ICM.

Why Watson?

According to reports, Watson’s bold stance on important issues like feminism was cited as why she is so inspiring.

“She’s a big feminist. She frequently speaks out on sexism and other discrimination issues such as racism and homophobia, and what she says really inspires me,” one participant was quoted as saying.

Walk the talk with celebs

What celebs speak is always inspiring to their fans. The fans get hook on to everything their favourite stars have to say. They try to walk and talk like their stars and heroes. They are deeply inspired to do the things they always dreamed of doing. They begin to believe and find a conviction in life.

The more you inspire, the richer you become

To give is to receive. As the stars inspire, the stars in return get huge love and support from their fans. The attention and love their supporters shower them is priceless. As much as the powerful influences and inspire, they find strength and a reason to go on in the maddening love and applause they get from their supporters and well-wishers.