Not only the patterns and the styles we wear break up the outline of our figure but, careful solid colour selection also has slimming properties equally or even more. Dark blue, grey, black and other dark tones offer a chance to look skinnier with grace. Disappearing the weight against the background of black is the smartest approach to look not only thinner but also regal with sobriety.

black makes you look slimmer
Set of black female clothes (Photo: Getty Images)

Large blocks of black draw the eyes up and down rather than side to side causing a thinner and taller appearance.

Black can look especially nice with midi-dresses, trousers, skirts, gowns, salwar-kameez and sarees. Stocking up on black V-neck shirts, sweaters, cardigans and other vertical neck lines to elongate and narrow your torso is a star notion. Black A-line knee length skirts or dresses that are fitted at the hip and upper thigh area and flare out towards the knees look so hot even if you are bulky. Avoid wearing crew necks and boat necks as they make your shoulders and chest look broader.

Though all black look looks chic yet if it is underlined interestingly by including a variety of rich colours from chocolate brown to burgundy and dark olive to deep plum, it may bring you more positive attention. A pop of colour somewhere in your shoes, handbag, scarf or lip colour can play an apt fashion trick to create a smoother and more flattering look. If you don’t want all plain black, choose bold patterns in bright or deep colours. They can distract the eyes of the viewer and camouflage your framework. Light and pastels show almost every area of excess your body has. Sometimes, they even make you look wider and heavier than you actually are. Remember, ‘Black will flatter you’. That means trying black the next time you visit a store.

Black clothing looks elegant
A set of black clothes in the wardrobe is recommended. (Photo: Getty Images)

Going further than just wearing black, complement your slimmer look with right styles and silhouettes. Look for clothing that wraps over your body structure rather than hanging off of it. You may find many options on designer outlets for special occasions. When to look slimmer, the decision is yours.

Want an extra ‘wow’ effect in creating a shapely figure and keeping your excess weight hidden in layers, give black apparel a try. That’s not disappointing at all! Aim to draw attention with ROYAL BLACK creating the leanest look of all colours.

An illusion of black will work developing an overall confidence!