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Fruits are natural superfood that are highly beneficial for health and helps in losing weight. One portion of a fruit is defined as 80g of fruit. Here are eight fruits that can help you to lose weight and have a slimmer waistline, as they are rich in dietary fibre and essential vitamins. Regular intake of these fruits prevents weight gain, hence it will help you to stay slim and healthy. Lose weight with these fruits.
Papaya is a versatile sweet fruit rich in carotenes,vitamin C and flavonoids. It contains a unique natural enzyme which is beneficial for weight loss. You can substitute it for any of your main course meal.
Orange contains a lot less calories and is high in fibre. It is a great metabolism booster and high in vitamin C, thiamin and folate. However do not substitute orange juice for real oranges because they lose their nutritional value in the form of juice. 
Grapefruit is a fat fighter fruit. A study found that half a grapefruit taken before meal speed up weight loss. There are only 37 calories in half a grapefruit and is high in fibre. Add this fruit in your breakfast and achieve your weight-loss goal in a easy way.
Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals as well as fibre. Eat an apple a day to stay slimmer and attractive.
Pomegranate is a super fruit when it comes to losing weight. The polyphenols antioxidants in pomegranate improve the metabolism of the body. It stops the build up of arterial lipid and reduces your appetite,LDL cholestrol,harmful toxins and increases the blood flow in the body.
Pear is packed with dietary fibre and potassium which is heart friendly and lowers cholesterol level. In the process, it helps to control your weight and stay slim.
Peach is an ideal fruit, low in calories, high in fibre, potassium and vitamins. It will help you flush out excess body fats and help control your weight.
Kiwi is a sweet and sour fruit filled with dietary fibre. The black seeds inside it are helpful in digestion. It offers soluble fiber which promotes feeling of fullness and aids in losing weight. It is a fruit one should definitely eat if one has to lose weight.