Chocolate is popular amongst consumers of all ages. It is one of the most enticing desserts in the global food spectrum. These days, people are increasingly curious about food and taste. While wine and coffee are already being tasted, described and discussed in a rigorous and professional way, we lack a language that did justice to the richness and complexity of chocolate experiences.

Even in today’s world, chocolate is unknowingly helping us in one way or the other. Apart from using chocolate in candy bars, desserts, cakes, brownies, chocolate mousse, cookies, etc. chocolate has a much more significant usage.

Chocolate is widely used by people as body paints and in day spas. It is known to have antioxidants and if used correctly, it is extremely good for the skin.

Here are some surprises you can plan for your chocolate-addict buddy or a loved-one.

Who doesn’t love chocolates, but if your partner is crazy about it, you should do something to make this day special for him/her. Instead of just buying them chocolates you can try these interesting ways to celebrate Chocolate Day.

A relaxing Chocolate Spa: Nothing can be more relaxing than a spa, and with the amazing aroma of chocolate your partner is simply going to fall in love with you all over again.

Chocolate themed restaurants: There are so many chocolate themed restaurants that you can take him/her to. You will get to see a lot of artwork made using chocolate. See if you can take him/her to the chocolate factory, to see how they make chocolate. It will be very fascinating.

Chocolate eggs: Chocolate eggs are easy to make, or you can also get them made, and put in a surprise inside. It could be anything that your better half likes; may be more chocolates.

Have a chocolate fondue or a chocolate fountain party: Serve amazing marshmallows, fruits, pretzel sticks or whatever your partner likes and go ahead.

( Chef Balendra Singh, founder of Institute of Bakery & Pastry Arts )