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Ease your stress with these 10 easy tips

Life is too short to let stress kill you. Learn about stress management and enjoy life.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

A certain level of stress helps us to adapt to our environment and motivate us to perform better. But chronic stress is worrisome. Stress that threatens most of us shoots from many circumstances such as long-term illnesses, bad relationships, poverty and failures. It kills the quality of life.

Life, today, does not offer the opportunity to enact a full stress response. Instead, many are under tremendous stress. Stress affects our ability to concentrate, act efficiently and make us more accident-prone. Stress increases risk of heart attack, stroke and other heart diseases. It affects your immune system.

Chronic stress contributes to aging, weight gain and digestive disorders. There is a direct link between chronic stress and pain severity in head, joints and muscles. It affects your skin, hair and teeth.

Stress management and relaxation techniques can help you become a happy person by making you learn to control your thoughts.

10 tips on how to beat the stress

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Make time to engage in pleasantly challenging activities.

Massage has also been used as a stress buster for decades. It relaxes tensed muscles, reduces pain and improves circulation. You can use aromatic massage oils like lavender and rosemary for stress-relief.

Give yourself 20-30 minutes daily to let relieve your mind from all tensions. Focus on meditation and deep breathing. This therapy can bring peace and happiness in your life.

Exercise lifts your mood, prevents obesity and other health problems giving you less reasons to be stressed about.

Live an organised life. It will allow you to live peacefully. The mere sight of mess can put you on edge. Tidy up!

Healthy foods like whole grains and protein enhances your mood and give you long-lasting energy to tackle every kind of stress.

Cut off electronic use before sleep. It can lead to insomnia-related problems.

Incorporate Vitamin B-rich daily diet to promote proper functioning of brain and nerves. It may help induce relaxation and fight fatigue. Bran of cereal grains, peas, nuts, eggs, dairy products etc. should be the part of your daily meals.

Sleep well as it is the most crucial natural stress reducer. Certain foods like carbs, bananas and dairy product can promote sleep and reduce stress.

Don’t take stress for granted. Deal with it more efficiently. Take a look at your life and identify the causes. Pay attention to your moods, thoughts and beliefs that drag you towards stress. Work upon them smartly.

Life is too short to take stress, live every bit of it fully!