agency asked to be careful in investigations 
New Delhi, 11 November
Noting that the country’s fast-changing economy in the wake of economic reforms and globalisation was also throwing up new and increasingly complex crimes and corruption cases, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said  “economic growth also implies greater opportunity for corruption”, even as he told the CBI and other investigating agencies that “It is also important that errors of judgment are distinguished from criminal acts”.
The PM asked the probe agencies to observe greater care in their investigations into matters related to administrative and policy decisions.
“While actions that prima facie show malafide intent or pecuniary gain should certainly be questioned, pronouncing decisions taken with no ill-intention within the prevailing policy as criminal misconduct would certainly be flawed and excessive,” Mr Singh told an international conference on “Evolving Common Strategies to Combat Corruption and Crime” organised by the CBI as part of its golden jubilee celebrations. 
“Policy-making is a multi-layered and complex process in the government, and will increasingly become more so, and therefore I don’t think it would be appropriate for a police agency to sit in judgment over policy formulation, without any evidence of mala fide," the PM asserted. Mr Singh said it was necessary to clearly draw “lines of confidence” between investigating agencies and honest executive functionaries so that “public servants may not be paralysed in taking effective decisions. The BJP attacked the PM for his comments.