Statesman news service
New Delhi, 3 September
The Congress party today demanded the resignation of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and a comprehensive CBI inquiry in the wake of a sting operation by a journalist that claimed to “expose” a plan by senior BJP leaders to save key Modi aide Amit Shah in the Tulsi Prajapati "fake” encounter case. 
After the surfacing of the sting CD, Mr Modi has no right to continue as the CM, said Mr Ajay Maken, AICC general secretary. He said the names of Mr Modi and Mr Shah have come up in the sting CD. 
Mr Maken was addressing a news conference at the AICC headquarters here this morning. The CD was also played there. 
The AICC’s attack on Mr Modi and BJP leaders came after a journalist, Pushp Kumar Sharma, filed a PIL in the Supreme Court against some BJP leaders, including two MPs, Mr Prakash Javadekar and Mr Bhupendra Singh Yadav, alleging that they hatched a conspiracy to obstruct justice and impede investigation in the Prajapati killing in which Mr Shah, the former Gujarat home minister, is a key accused. 
The PIL alleged that attempts were made by the BJP leaders to impede the trial and other judicial proceedings in the Prajapati case by “manipulating the complainant with the sole intent to protect Shah”. 
The petitioner alleged that he had captured the “criminal conspiracy hatched and executed” by MPs, senior BJP leaders and advocates on concealed cameras as part of his undercover investigation. He claimed in his petition that he had caught the two MPs on tape discussing how to get blank vakalatnamas signed by Prajapati’s mother, Narmadabai, in a bid to plant their own lawyers on her behalf and run down the case against Mr Shah. 
“The facts, which have been shown in the CD, are very serious and important. This is an attempt to influence the judicial process. The matter should be investigated by the CBI and till the probe is over, Mr Modi should not remain in office. He should resign. How can he remain chief minister when such allegations have come out,” Mr Maken said. 
Mr Shah, now the BJP general secretary in charge of UP affairs, is also said to be an accused in the “fake” encounter killings of Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his wife Kauser Bi by the Gujarat Police in 2005. Tulsiram Prajapati, a witness to the killing, was killed in 2006.