Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd has come forward to provide emergency medical service to people in India & abroad

Over the past 16 years, the company has grown exponentially from being a start-up with 10 employees to over 10,000 workforces.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd has come forward to provide emergency medical service to people in India & abroad

Whether it is a matter of chronic diseases or accident or telemedical consultation, efforts are being made to provide the best treatments to the patient through the government arrangements in the few minutes of the caller through integrated emergency response solutions by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd in various states in India.

Over the past 16 years, the company has grown exponentially from being a start-up with 10 employees to over 10,000 workforces. Ziqitza is a well-established corporate entity in primary healthcare services in India and the Gulf and has served 4,24,93,122 people of India till date. Last year it served over 2.5 lakh Covid patients. Ziqitza Limited is Ranked #34 in Global Real Impact Awards and is the winner of the Times Social Impact Award.

Ziqitza Healthcare has not only witnessed but also partnered the dramatic change in the EMS scenario in India. They have built a highly successful and differentiated Public-Private Partnership business with the state government & National Health Mission in 5 states in India where they provide Primary Response Medical Service to the Urban & Rural sector with a network of 3000 ambulances consisting of trained paramedic & drivers to attend both emergency, non-emergency & Covid patients on board.


One can dial 108 and avail of these services. With time, another product they have added to their basket is the government’s 104 Telemedical Helpline where medical queries and health consultations are provided by a panel of doctors. This has been very helpful during the Covid times where they managed to attend 20,000 calls a day. Ziqitza Rajasthan & Ziqitza Limited Rajasthan have worked closely with frontline health workers to educate about 104 telemedicine helpline.

Another sector where Ziqitza has entered is with National Authority of India. The service involves a toll-free number for people to immediately recall and seek timely medical response and increase the survival chances of road accident patients. The ambulance introduced in this initiative will be well-equipped with life-saving equipment and trained para-medical staff. It is designed to help in rushing the patients, especially mishap victims, to the nearest health hub in the district.

Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL), in its Corporate Healthcare Solution category, provides Ambulance at Site, Ambulance on Subscription, Wellness at Workplace, Telehealth Services, Medical Rooms, Doctors on Site and Occupational Health Centre for Corporates/Institutions.

They realize there is a huge labour force in the private sector whose medical safety needs are to be taken care of. Whether it’s a big infrastructure project, construction sites, residential complexes, resorts – where the employees’, as well as the customers’ medical safety, is paramount. They see double-digit growth in the category as more & more corporates are realizing the need to add value to their employee base beyond medical insurance while partnering with Flipkart, P&G, JNPT, ACC, Columbia Asia and many more.

Amitabh Japiuria, MD & CEO, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd (ZHL), remarked, “2021 is a landmark year for the Ziqitza Healthcare Team as we have shown growth in across the category. Covid has brought the entire primary healthcare sector in the forefront. With a varied experience of almost two decades in the healthcare sector, expansion of product portfolio with ever-evolving customer needs is a natural progression for Ziqitza Healthcare Limited. With the pandemic and its impact on the overall work structure, preventive healthcare and overall wellness have come to fore for the working population across the world. Currently, with only a few organized and well-established players, the market is set to grow at 15-20 % in the next 5 years. Ziqitza alone have managed to help save more than 40 million lives since inception and in the last 8 months Ziqitza has transferred over 2.5 lakh corona patients and handled over 2.5 million calls telemedical queries in India.”

Since 2005, Ziqitza Limited has consistently witnessed positive growth in the primary healthcare segment in India. The company has built a highly successful and differentiated Public-Private Partnership business and have introduced several international best practices in this area. The current pandemic has pretty much transformed the way India works and has underlined the need for actively reimagining response to primary healthcare services for a large population.

Ziqitza, with its vast experience in the pre-hospital segment and Emergency response solutions like Ambulances, Telemedicine, Medical Rooms or OHC’s, is looking at increasing its footprint across India from the current 16 states. The focus on Saving Lives and Enhancing Lives through quality and customized solutions will be the main differentiators for Ziqitza from its peers in the industry.

About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL) has been one of the leading players in India’s Emergency Medical Services industry since 2005. ZHL Rajasthan appreciates Ziqitza on its journey of milestone achievement.

Ziqitza is a “one-stop integrated healthcare solution” for a corporate or government that include Integrated Emergency Services and Corporate Health Solutions. The service network includes 3,300 ambulances, state of art Helpline centres and medical mobile units that services 2 customers every second in India.

They work with multiple state governments and 75 corporate clients in India and Gulf. Ziqitza is the winner of the Global Real impact Awards and Times Social Impact Award.