Vaibhav Choudhary is a social media influencer who manages the social media marketing and digital marketing of many sportsmen and other celebs from Delhi.

He hails from a village near Saharanpur and has grown up learning social media. When many felt that he was wasting his time, he learnt the art of managing social media pages the best making him competent to help people in their online branding. With expertise in social media and digital marketing, he has become the most sought name for the Pro Kabaddi and IPL players to shape up their lives on social media.

Early Life And Education

Vaibhav Choudhary was born on 2nd July 1999 in a village near Saharanpur, UP. His parents – Sunil Kumar and Anita Meharwal are from a middle-class family and like any other parents wished their son to make them proud with his achievements. Luckily his expertise in social media and a competent man as a social media influencer has made them pleased and proud making Vaibhav an inspiration to many of the youth from his hometown. He first came across the social media in 2014 and since then it was no looking back for the young man as he holds a complete command on these sites thus making him a social influencer of par excellence. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University thus making National Capital as his base for his venture.

Social Media Influencer

The life of Vaibhav Choudhary has been phenomenal when it comes to social media influencers. He has made many people in shaping up their social media profiles thus helping them grow digitally and making their business grow. This then brought many players from Pro Kabaddi to approach him to help grow in the social media world. As for the players managing their social media profiles was as important than being in any team for the tournament as it helps in establishing their fanbase. This is where Vaibhav entered in their lives and made things work for them. This also attracted the IPL players as well who are now seeking to shape up their social media lives the best.

Esteemed Clients And Partners

Vaibhav Choudhary  has worked with many individuals and business groups helping them grow their social media lives the best. Some of his high profile clients include:

The players of IPL

Players of Pro Kabaddi



Local business groups and brands

And many more


He has remained the part of many social media campaigns for brands and celebs who hail from the sports category and creative world. This has given him the opportunity to work with top celebs of the sports and music industry in a big way.


He has invested his six years in learning and exploring social media sites and platforms apart from the various tools present on the web. He has an edge on creating compelling and captivating content of different types that can add the impact for his celebrity clients thus making them grow socially in a big way. He owns different social media pages that carry a tangible amount of likes and followers. He has his presence on sites like Instagram, Tik Tok and other social media platforms that makes him help everyone grow on these social networking sites.

Social Work

He is also engaged in social activities like helping NGOs and groups willing to contribute to society with different social media campaigns. He has helped to raise funds for various causes in his hometown and Delhi and has remained in the forefront to drive the campaign the best on various social issues.