At the mere age of 26, a coach and a millionaire, Sanan Sanani is a young mind trying to change the perspective regarding real-estate in layman’s terms. Known as the kid who went from owning zero properties to 12 properties in five short years and becoming an international coach in real estate investment, Sanan himself is an investor, an educator, and a knowledgeable entrepreneur. Providing education and coaching young investors, he is determined to break their limiting beliefs and the stories youngsters tell themselves why they can’t begin investing for their future early.

With experience gathered through his works in Dubai and Tbilisi, Sanan plans on helping people’s lives through real estate, utilizing financial and professional support. Duly understanding the importance of the active presence of intelligent investors, he has put his plans into action to generate a community of socially responsible investors who use real estate as a vehicle to design extraordinary lives.

With the great skillset he possesses, Sanan is an expert in acquisition, management, disposition, rehabilitation, valuation, writing, course development and instruction, personal development coaching, business development, Real estate marketing, entrepreneurship, and a lot more. With talent such vast, he is bound to obtain his much-desired goals in no time.

With admiration, he remains indebted to his mentors, in which he swore to pay the favour forward by being the same for others. He is an opportunist, to create new chances, he relocated to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia following a huge triumph in Dubai, to set up his headquarters here and take advantage of the emerging real estate market in the heart of the Caucasian mountains.

With enough achievements to his name already, Sanan is just unstoppable. Putting his skills to the use, he is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Sterling Property Advisors, a real estate investment company and he spends his free time writing for plenty of reputable publications.

Sanan shows the quality set of a true visionary being highly dedicated to his ulterior motive of delivering great knowledge to his peers and youngsters. He plans to change the view of the audience for the better, enabling the upcoming generation for financial independence and lead a rich and luxurious life sharing the necessary knowledge to secure generational wealth for them and their children. He has proven to be a myth-buster about the real estate being age-dependent.

A brilliant educator and mentor, he plans to be an owner of 100+ properties by the age of 30 and educate investors internationally. His course like “RMB”, short for “The Real Estate Millionaire Blueprint” has been aiding many youngsters and are rapidly changing the general idea about real estate.