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Restaurant backed by influencer David Zhao is a hit in Denver

The restaurant, backed by David Zhao, co-founder and managing partner of NXT Group.

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The most innovative restaurants and eateries revitalizing neighbourhoods nationwide are the establishments that successfully combine traditional cuisines with new-age concepts. Fusion restaurants and unique dining experiences seem to be on everyone’s radar as chefs and entrepreneurs push the boundaries of creativity and service. Denver is no stranger to exciting restaurants that serve food from all over the world. Rolls by Chubby Cattle, formerly known as Chubby Cattle, is offering the city’s diners an exciting and technologically-savvy way of enjoying traditional Mongolian hot pots, sushi, dumplings, and many other Asian specialities.

The restaurant, backed by David Zhao, co-founder and managing partner of NXT Group, boasts of an impressive atmosphere that reflects his drive and vision. Originally from Shanghai and settled in the US, David serves on the board for various corporations and non-profits. He specializes in digital development, marketing, and management under his NYC-based conglomerate NXT Group. David’s portfolio under NXT Group includes his digital agency NXT Factor, real-estate venture NXT Estate, car-sharing company NXT Autogroup, NXT Capital and NXT Local.

The opportunity to work with different clients across a myriad of industries helped him quickly identify patterns of success. David explains, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Not only do I raise capital for these ventures but I also provide marketing and financial insights to them.” Zhao believes in turning ideas into reality and he has successfully proved through Chubby Cattle that you can give traditional cuisine a high-tech edge.

The restaurant is a hit in Denver with 5-star reviews and often a waitlist, but it’s worth it. With hundreds of 5-star reviews and diners’ compliments on the restaurant, its choice of location, high-quality ingredients, service, and great tasting dishes, the restaurant has witnessed the brighter side in the form of success. When asked about what makes his restaurant stand out, Zhao explains, “We are combining a historical cuisine that is thousands of years old with modern technology. This is what makes us unique.”

David Zhao is no stranger to culinary success and his portfolio includes many successful ventures.

Through NXT Local, he launched not only Chubby Cattle but also the franchise Meet Fresh Desserts, serving up unique Taiwanese desserts in over 100 locations worldwide. Along with this, David Zhao also manages Spice World, a hot pot chain with 400 locations in China and two in the US. Their Denver outlet, Rolls by Chubby Cattle, boasts of an expansive menu consisting of options like sushi, Japanese Wagyu beef, seafood, dumplings, and house-made noodles. With a menu like that and technology as innovative as theirs, Zhao is taking the culinary world by storm.

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