Writing verses that rhyme effortlessly may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but to some, it comes naturally. The world has been blessed with some incredibly gifted poets who have weaved words into poetry that will be remembered till the end of time. One such poet who has been winning hearts across the world with his verses is Rajub Bhowmik.

While Rajub has won many prestigious awards for serving as a loyal officer in the NYPD, his heart always belonged to poetry. Rajub Bhowmik has written over 500 sonnets about love, philosophy, afterlife, nature, and politics. He has also published over 20 books which include works of research, poetry, romance, and thrillers.

Not only is he a popular poet and a published author but also a pioneer of the Ayna Sonnets. Bhowmik is the proud inventor of mirror aka Ayna sonnets which comprise of fourteen lines. Each line has fourteen letters. First, Bhowmik establishes the theme or a problem in the first three quatrains and then shares the solution in the final two lines, which is the couplet. The unique part about the Ayna sonnet is that the poem can be read from both sides. Some of his most popular Ayna sonnets are ‘Ghoriber Janmo’ meaning The Birth of Poor, ‘Noyoner Asha’ meaning Hopes in the Eyes, ‘Bristi o Shokhir Vabona’ meaning Rain and Thoughts of Her.

Speaking of what poetry means to him, Rajub Bhowmik said, “As a poet, I always strive to connect with my audience. I’ve been writing since I was a teenager because it has always served as an outlet for my emotions.” Apart from being an exceptional writer, poet, and police officer, Bhowmik is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Hostos College of the City University of New York.

When speaking about teaching, Bhowmik said, “I became a professor to make a difference in the life of today’s students. Growing up, I realized that having an exceptional professor can have a big influence on your life. I had some great teachers when growing up, and I wanted to play a part in shaping someone else’s future.”

A police officer, an extraordinary writer, and a passionate professor, Rajub Bhowmik is a man of multiple talents. But more than anything else, it is his creation – the Ayna sonnets that are making the true difference in the literary world, inspiring more writers to experiment and change the face of modern Bangla literature.