“Proptech Will Remain Critical for Developers Going Forward,” Says Naveen Mypala of Urban Living

Another vertical, Urban Living Poptech, integrates technologies for real-time tracking, business overview, and automation of most business processes. 

“Proptech Will Remain Critical for Developers Going Forward,” Says Naveen Mypala of Urban Living


  • What does Urban Living do? 


Urban Living is a 360-degree real estate solutions provider based in Hyderabad. The company offers robust technologies and strategies supported by industry experts, creating new opportunities in development, finance, home buying, architecture, and interior design sectors. It covers the entire life cycle of the project, from ideation to revenue management and sales mandates. 


The company aims to give its customers development management services that cover all steps required from pre- to post-construction processes.  

Since its inception, the company has created six verticals: Development Management, Capital, Studio, Spaces, Systems, and Proptech. All of these verticals thrive to deliver satisfactory solutions to challenges faced by developers and end customers. The company running the entire operation comes with extensive experience in the industry ranging from 15 to 30 years,  including industry veterans as management team and with collaborations from companies like Salesforce, Purplestack, Beyondwalls, Clove, Razorpay, Smartapp, Firsthive, etc.



  • What are the different services you offer? 


Urban Living emphasizes that real estate is not limited to development and deliveries. Instead, it is made up of multiple integral steps driven by technology and strategies. If a developer misses even a single step, it can have a considerable impact on the entire process. Urban Living, with its six verticals, aims to bridge these gaps and streamline all the crucial steps. 

With its Urban Living Development Management, the company helps developers meet all their pre, ongoing, and post development requirements. Simultaneously, the company aims to fulfill all formwork rental and construction requirements with its Urban Living Systems vertical. To help developers accentuate home interiors for their customers, Urban Living has a Studio. 

Another vertical, Urban Living Poptech, integrates technologies for real-time tracking, business overview, and automation of most business processes. 

For end-customers, Urban Living offers Spaces, which elevate the home buying and selling experience. It covers almost all aspects of a purchase journey, including finding the right property and submitting a loan application. 

Its vertical urban capital helps developers structure their finances. It helps them devise and execute the right growth and capitalization strategies. It also offers structured debt products tailored as per the customer’s requirements, with flexible maturity terms, repayment structures, collateral, and more. 



  • What is the biggest USP of the company?


Urban Living addresses the core concerns of its customers with its 360-degree real-estate solution. Their robust strategies, backed by industry experts, open up new possibilities in various segments of the real estate sector, including development, architecture, interior design, finance, construction, and home buying. It also offers mandate sales, including strategic advisory on behalf of developers, which further enables its customers to work more efficiently. 

It offers solutions for every step of a real estate project, from deciding an ideal location to post-delivery requirements. In other words, businesses don’t have to look for individual services in their operations. It is the USP of the company. 

For example, under its Proptech vertical, Urban Living offers a tech stack that allows developers to quickly integrate needed technologies for their operations, which would have otherwise taken at least one year of R&D and significant investment. It allows real estate companies to streamline their operations and solely focus on their core business. 

Urban Living Systems simultaneously offers a formwork rental service, one-of-a-kind in the market. 

Overall, the company touches all core areas of the real estate industry, which helps it stand out.



  • Could you please name some of the large-scale projects you have executed so far?


Urban Living has provided technical and strategic advisory services to companies like Aliens Space Station, Radhika Projects, Puravankara, and Peram Group. The company is also considering building residential and commercial projects, offices, hotels, co-living, and co-working spaces after receiving multiple enquiries for the same. In addition, they are also working on a mixed-use master plan for a 60-100 acre property in Hyderabad.



  • What products and services do you have in the pipeline to enhance your current offerings?


Urban Living currently uses ten distinct systems in its tech stack for all-around development. It not only helps developers automate their pre-sales and post-sales operations, but also helps customers of the developers in the key steps of their journey. The company also has a technology stack in place with leading reward companies to ensure a successful customer loyalty experience. 

At present, the company is working on utilizing blockchain technology to increase privacy and security for its developers, bankers, and end customers. The company believes that with the use of smart contracts and other blockchain applications can disrupt the traditional paper-based and offline real-estate transactions.

There are also plans in place to use BIM software to apply immersive AR/VR technologies to their properties. With their 3D virtual models in place, their clients’ buyers would be able to take a virtual tour of their future residences and review their customized interior packages.



  • How do you plan to disrupt the Indian real estate industry? 


The pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology across all industries; the real-estate sector is no different. The rise of new-age technologies like blockchain, AI, ML, and SaaS in the real-estate market has changed the entire paradigm. 

Urban Living, with its proptech solutions, is prepared to help developers and their customers overcome all challenges and assist them to leverage the latest developments in the sector. Not only will its tech stack help developers focus on their growth strategies, they can automate almost all of their operations. It will also bring transparency to all stakeholders, including partners, banks, employees, and customers.  

Today, proptech is an essential tool for developers to effectively manage their project lifecycle, and its reliability will only grow from here. 

At the same time, Urban Living believes that customer experience will remain crucial for developers to complete a sale in person. After all, a real estate property is still a physical item with people’s emotions strongly attached to it. Hence, it plans to introduce more tools to help developers maintain their customer centric operations and delight.