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Model and motivational speaker Rajiv Adatia uses power of words to help others

Rajiv Adatia aligned himself with a wedding décor company of which he is still a part of.

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Rajiv Adatia started modelling in London at the young age of 18. He did psychology and performing arts in his school which were his interests. He knew that arts was something that he was genuinely interested in and Rajiv Adatia also knew that he had a bigger purpose in life than just being there.

So, he channelled his energy into what he was doing and went on the right path, eventually. At 18, he lost his father, so, after education, he got himself stuck in business and became an entrepreneur. Rajiv Adatia aligned himself with a wedding décor company of which he is still a part. It is called “Wed In Style”. He did lots of production and started an events company which allowed him to work with Bollywood and Hollywood artists.

Rajiv Adatia knew that something was missing in his life which he was yearning for after working with several artists in Mumbai. He had the vision to give back to the world and help them with the problems that they faced regularly. He felt that the power of words is very strong and words helped him to heal with the things he was going through.

He felt that in this era of social media, people tend to judge someone they barely even know, so they wanted an escape. People wanted someone whom they could trust and they also knew that we have people who cared for them.

Till now, Rajiv Adatia knew his calling was motivational speaking and writing. He knew he would have a purpose in this life to live for and wanted people to look at things in a positive way and with a positive mindset. He knows that positive thinking and positivity go a long way.

Positive thinking not only heals the person mentally but also physically. The vibrational energy you need Rajiv Adatia feels can heal so much that we spend so much time dwelling on it.

The way of thinking and the way of life in the world is something that he wanted to address. He genuinely wanted to change people’s perspectives from negative to positive ones. In his opinion, happy people are healthier people. Rajiv Adatia thinks the more you will think negatively and take unnecessary tension, it will affect your health a lot. He also regularly posts motivational quotes on Instagram (@rajivadatiaquotes).

He sees himself writing a book shortly about the things he finds essential to spread the word about in the world, but he wants to take this to the next level. Rajiv Adatia wants to incorporate his knowledge with industries such as the film industry to bring awareness and help those who are going through depression, anxiety, etc. Not all people have this view of life and not all people aim to help others in this manner. Rajiv Adatia is a special person whose aim and purpose can change a lot of lives.

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