Lavleen Kaur, an award-winning Dietitian, Lifestyle Coach transforming lives through her unique dietary advice

Lavleen Kaur, an award-winning Dietitian, Lifestyle Coach transforming lives through her unique dietary advice

Lavleen Kaur. (Photo: SNS)

With the easy availability of health-related information on the internet, it has become easy to get confused. Today, people have become more conscious about their health than ever.

Many of them are keeping themselves fit by following the ‘balanced diet’ hacks and tips present on the internet. But this has given birth to lots of fake information and misconceptions about health and wellness. Therefore, it becomes important to consult a health expert who is qualified and can provide the right information, which is practical and logical, rather than sensational.

Today, we’re going to have a look at the inspirational life of Dietitian Lavleen Kaur from Chandigarh who is changing the way people think about ‘dieting’.


Dr. Lavleen Kaur is an award-winning dietitian, clinical nutritionist, and a lifestyle coach who is changing the lives of hundreds and thousands of people around the world. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, she currently provides personalized programs to clients and patients across the world through a mobile app and her clinic.

She founded the clinic ‘Diet Insight’ in Chandigarh in the year 2014 on the idea of helping people realize the power of food and if the intake of can help heal prevailing lifestyle disorders like diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid and PCOD.

She holds a master’s in Food and Nutrition. Also, she completed her post-graduation in Health and Family Welfare from Punjab University. In just six years of starting her clinic, she has had over 10,000 satisfied clients from all corners of the world. Her coaching is purely based on balanced healthy food and nutrition. She believes in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick weight loss diets, pills or use of supplements.

Through her ‘Diet Insight’ Clinic, she provides various programs for patients. From common problems like weight loss, weight gain, to specific issues like kid’s nourishment, pre-wedding, and pregnancy care, she provides loads of personalized diet plans. Further, she posts simple and entertaining videos on Facebook and YouTube to educate the masses about various diet tips in a fun way. This helps her to connect and engage with the audience on a personal level.

She has won many accolades and awards recently for her impeccable work in the field of diet and nutrition. One such recent award is the Most Promising Youngest Dietitian by International Healthcare Awards, Malaysia, in the year 2016. She received the honors from the Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Lavleen Kaur knows well how to handle her professional and personal life. Her mobile app and online consultation process gave her an ample amount of time to spend with her family and children. She is a mother while at home and a head dietitian as well as an entrepreneur when in the clinic.

Being a lifestyle coach, she also gets to interact with people who need assistance in maintaining their overall wellness. Under her Therapeutic Program, she gives consultation to special types of groups of people who are having diabetes, thyroid, or blood pressure.

Kaur handles her patients with extra care and in a professional approach. Her clients become a part of her family. She has a small team of professionally qualified dietitians and nutritionists who are available to assist people throughout their journey with them and keep them constantly motivated and goal-oriented.

In today’s era, there are many dietitians and nutritionists making claims of quick and easy methods of weight loss and taking advantage of people’s emotions. While a person may lose weight following these fad diets, not only these methods are dangerous in the long run, but they deprive you of the food that’s in your kitchen that your ancestors have been eating since decades. This is where Kaur steps in and educate the people to follow a diet that is sustainable. She is known for her dietary advice that does not feel like being on a ‘diet’, because there are no restrictions. She focuses on lifestyle change measures rather than counting the calories!

With her special guidance program, she helps patients to overcome such problems or diseases with the help of real food that is easily available in Indian kitchens. Her clients get results gradually as she focuses on identifying the root cause rather than suppressing the symptoms. However, the results stay permanent since no quick fixes are used. She believes that to lead a healthy lifestyle, you must focus on four aspects. These are stress, sleep, water intake, and exercise. If anyone of these is an imbalance, you’re not going to see the results you’re aiming for your health.

The impact of her videos on social media is incredible. People feel so connected with her that they call in just to hear her voice and give her blessings for the work she is doing. When asked on what has been her biggest achievements, Lavleen’s humble response was “I get my reward every day when I feel the happiness of my women clients who conceive naturally, when I see my patients drop medicines, and when I see my clients spreading the learnings further in their community.”

The award-winning dietitian is one of the most trusted dietitians in North India. We believe this trust comes from the connection that she is able to build with people and feel their worries. As an entrepreneur, she is trying to expand her reach to the global audience especially Indians abroad via the mobile app “Diet Insight”, which makes it possible for anyone from anywhere to connect with her and her team to get the advice that matters.