When thoughts meet words, and words meet the internet, a circle of exchange is created. And this circle has seeded on many platforms. One of which is Scrawled Stories – a well-known brand in the literature community on social media.

Scrawled Stories is recognizable for its relatable topics, musings, and snippets that go viral in a quick time. The brand was founded by Krunal Patel, a self-established businessman who laid aside his family business in chemical manufacturing and elevated his desire for articles and stories on a whole other level.

The ‘Scrawled Stories’ brand was developed way back in 2015 and since then has grown into a vast platform. It has been disclosed by Krunal that the page has seen rapid growth. They are the first to have developed a User Generated Content model through which entries are received from writers all around the world. These are then carefully reviewed and approved by the Scrawled team.

Krunal has experimented with many genres of literature on the page but has found that people lean more towards everyday happenings or relatables. Micro-tales, where one gets a sense of déjà-vu or a visual into the future is what captivates them. Apart from these, Scrawled Stories has an array of posts on social matters, long stories, musings and so on.

Scrawled has featured small and big writers worldwide and helped them reach a sound audience, either through a selection of their entry, sponsored post, or formal promotion. The numbers on Scrawled are all real and organic.

The first brand collaboration Scrawled Stories had was with Bank Bazaar that in actuality opened up the gates for other businesses to enter. They have since then collaborated with huge business brands like OYO Rooms, Engage Deo, Red Chillies Entertainment, Brand Factory, famous influencer Gary Vaynerchuk, and more.

Scrawled Stories, under the leadership of Krunal Patel, have announced the release of their app which is due in November. The app will be available to download from the App Store on iOS and Play store on Android. The app is said to be the first one that’ll provide a status of the writer’s submission on their app profile itself. The posts will also be displayed and divided into different categories depending on the trend they hold. Readers will have the privilege to filter and read the content only as per their desires too.

Scrawled Stories has always been an open platform that has enabled writers to learn from, and with the upcoming app, there’ll be even more opportunities to come forward and establish themselves. The team is always on the lookout for tales based on relatable topics such as friendships, romance, family, etc., that easily attract the public. Krunal and team take a proactive stance in delivering the best content that’ll be a treat to the eyes of every reader.

“We believe that everyone is a writer and everybody has a story to tell. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for,” says Krunal Patel.