Serial entrepreneur Jai Sharma is well-known for turning many struggling start-ups from 0 to multi-million dollar brands with his techniques and strategies in the last 5 years. He continues to focus on supporting young, enthusiastic and hard-working startups to scale up their business with his skills.

Jai Sharma has won numerous awards across the world for his contribution to the industry and has been a speaker at many prestigious international marketing events. He is also known as one of the top software sellers in the marketing circle with a record of producing over 24, six-figure flash sales campaigns. His projects witnessed $100K revenue in less than seven days on every single project.

The lack of mentorship, resources and proper blueprint makes start-ups journey extremely difficult and challenging. Jai did not want his students to face challenges due to lack of right mentor at the right time. He believes that with the right mentorship and proper utilisation of resources, success will fall in place. He decided to tune students and their energies into the right path, helping them earn financial freedom in just a few months of pursuing their training.

Currently empowering and helping over 124,000 businesses worldwide, he is passionate about using new technologies to boost sales for entrepreneurs’ community around the world. He was invited to conduct a lot of coaching sessions on growth, marketing, entrepreneurship at several colleges and corporates.

With his success talking in numbers as a keynote speaker, Jai has spoken at several events at multiple places. He is one of the best trainers and mentors in India with a vast experience and proven results. Jai decided to empower people and bridge the gap between formal knowledge being taught and colleges or universities and what the market actually needs.