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It is time for a new production house for B-town feels Aniirudh Kundra

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Producing something doesn’t mean that you are just investing money, a Producer covers many parts of a project. He should be more creative than his team. When a project comes to him only, he/she can think beyond others, whether a song or a movie will work or not if he is not capable, then he might be in a loss.

Meet Aniirudh Kundra, a known producer who has produced many songs in recent times and has also invested in many movies of different genres of Hindi, Punjabi and other languages.

Aniirudh owns a production house named “Kundra Productions “. Which once was a startup but now it is no more a small production house. This production house has launched many stars in recent times. An incredible guy a very down to earth and easy-going personality. Once he likes anything, he never thinks twice in investing in it. Whether it works or not, he feels if you are not taking the risk for your dreams than you can never achieve anything in life.

Music and Movies are dream projects in which you have to take a chance, and for that, you need belief to go forward. Aniirudh’s knowledge and understanding has helped him get this success, and his small Production house has now been tied up with a Top Production house of India.

Aniirudh has launched many songs in recent times of top stars from various regions and Vaibhav Kundra who is his younger Brother, a Singer, is also launched by Aniirudh.

Aniirudh has a great relation with most of the new and upcoming singers and directors; he is always busy in inventing new and innovative projects. Luckily all of his projects do well.

According to sources Aniirudh is also all set to launch another project on the Aug 31 with Vaibhav Kundra, the details will be disclosed soon. His team has finalized the locations and actors.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No journalist is involved in creation of this content.