Inclined Studio has emerged as pioneer in architectural photography

Having the idea of great composition, and applying them in the real field of work is not always easy to find.

Inclined Studio has emerged as pioneer in architectural photography

Architecture photography must be an exact copy of the building /structure so that customers can visualize the plot without visiting them physically.

Buildings are the valuable resources of vocabulary for the architecture students. Having the idea of great composition, and applying them in the real field of work is not always easy to find.

Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel make sure that their clients get the excellent work through their architecture photography centre Inclined Studio in Ahmedabad. They have blended the concepts with technology to keep the pace with the ever-growing desires of people.


According to the owners, architectural photography is the documentation of a building or structure, the pictures must state the details of the building through its composition, and Inclined Studio fulfils these desires of the clients happily.

Inclined Studio is the perfect place for good pictures, great composition, perfect lighting, reflection, and maintaining the details of every single thing which we expect from good architecture photography.

Why choose Inclined Studio for your business?

It is very important to hire a good architecture photography studio and Inclined Studio provides some of the best facilities.

These are some basics for the architecture students to learn something about the practical work.

Good Camera: Inclined Studio prefers to use a good camera to provide good quality of work to their clients. Architecture photography need a device to produce magnificent pictures with dynamic range, so they use Sony a7r 3 with remote release, and this is a perfect device for professional work and reliable too.

High-quality lenses: Inclined

Critical analysis: Using the analytical power to represent a great work is a talent. Inclined Studio team works efficiently on the perspectives of the clients, and they provide detailed critical work to prosper the business.

Hero shot: The hero shot is preferably a wide-angle shot and it needs a good idea of photography angles. Inclined Studio’shigh skilled owners, as well as photographers, have great knowledge about the angles and they take good care for the hero shot. It is a single wide shot of the house which is generally published on a website or brochure.

Detailed study: Inclined Studio respects the thought process of the customers and produces a great quality of photos with perfect detailed work which acquires the ability to give a good visualisation to the customers and this satisfaction is capable of making your business grow higher.

Good lighting composition: Shooting during the day, night, evening, dawn, indoor, or outdoor, Inclined Studio never gives any excuses for the quality of their work due to the lighting problems. Lighting is the actual key to photography. InclinedStudio uses natural lights, HRD blending, and good exposures to make their shooting perfect.

You will get all these facilities under one roof named Inclined Studio.