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Entrepreneur Hamza Majdi on successfully managing a team of 40,000 distributors remotely

His true victory lies in inspiring and empowering others to live the lives of their dreams.

Advertorial | New Delhi |

Globally, there is an emphasis on remote working. If one dives into the remote work statistics, one will be surprised to find that in the US alone, there is a 159% increase in the total number of people who are working remotely from 2005. Remote working is no longer limited to the customer service sector. Several sectors starting from IT, Computer, Healthcare, Sales to Academics have adopted this widely.

According to a recent study, there is also an increase in job satisfaction amongst the people who work remotely.

While this is the current trend, it seems to be difficult for most entrepreneurs to come to grip with it. They feel as if they do not have control over the situation or feel that trusting can be challenging. Yet, remote working is the future of workplace scenario and managers and entrepreneurs are quickly adapting to it and making it work for every person involved.

Hamza Majdi is a visionary entrepreneur and a leader who has been successfully managing a team of 40,000+ distributors across the world even before remote working became a trend. Coming to managing a team remotely, he has set a few clear-cut strategies- setting specific goals for the team, tracking performance and productivity regularly, constantly motivating them to perform well, maintaining clear communication and also acknowledging their good work with rewards.

Truly worthy are those who always share their success with others and Hamza Majdi is one such person. He encourages the newcomers and puts in time to teach aspiring marketers on this de-risked plug and play model to make it big.

His true victory lies in inspiring and empowering others to live the lives of their dreams.

His biggest earning is the success and respect based on the service to others and this is what drives him. He has an eye for the details and leads by setting an example in terms of excellent attitude, clear communication and action.

He believes in creating a group of loyal customers and not just focus on sales. He refuses to accept failure and uses it as a stepping stone to move forward and climb up the ladder of success.

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