Ehraz Ahmed has several identities: a FinTech expert, a web security researcher, a fanatical mentor, a former ethical hacker. But, regardless of anything else, he is an independent entrepreneur. If we retrace the steps, it goes back to the young age of 14 when Ehraz took the first step towards him being an entrepreneur. “I started gaming when I was ten and was soon interacting with all kinds of players through the servers. As I grew up playing a lot of Counterstrike and other such games, inspired by an older guy, I started my Game Server Hosting company which I later expanded to provide Web- Hosting as well,” he said.

Everything was going pretty smooth when tragedy struck: Ehraz’s father had a heart attack. This experience transformed the young boy into an adult and made him realize the value of time and money. He put everything on hold and made a fresh start with a new purpose: To stand on his own feet.

At 16, he met a group of security experts who had been registered in the Security Researcher’s Hall of Fame for finding a security imperfection in Google. That drove him to compete for the spot as well and within a couple of months, it all began. He was recorded in many Halls of Fame which included Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Apple.

“In 2014, I quit Security because I was going nowhere, and rather wanted to become financially independent. So in 2014, I switched lanes and got into the Financial Markets as a Trader,” he said.

Three years later, Ehraz started his first FinTech company called Voxy Wealth Management. Later that year, he dropped out of college to create Aspirehive, a Cybersecurity firm. His family had to experience another tragedy as his brother met with an accident. But Ehraz turned this breaking into a blessing.

“StackNexo: offering all Web Services and solutions through a single platform, was just an idea until my brother expressed his desire to begin his business, a couple of days after he woke up from the coma and his dream becomes my next goal,” he said.

Today, at 23, Ehraz is a proud founder of not one, but three highly successful organizations: Aspirehive (a Web Security firm), StackNexo (a firm giving across a bouquet of Web Services), and Voxy Wealth Management (a FinTech firm). He additionally supports his dad’s school with incredible enthusiasm.