It is said that after every dark night, there’s a brighter day. Having hope in life is good and doing the ‘impossible’ is the best thing ever. Chase Campbell, an entrepreneur and the founder of Size Up started his journey from scratch and built an empire of his own. He started the supplement and apparel brand which has a strong online presence and has 8 offline stores all over the USA including 6 stores in Michigan and the other two stores in Florida and Las Vegas respectively. His life was welcomed by struggles at a very early stage. In 2011, when he was in high school, his father lost his job in Detroit which got outsourced overseas. That saw the family losing their home and they became homeless with having a room to stay at their relative’s place.

The only thing Chase knew was to make money to bring his family out of the trap. Initially, he did not know what to do to earn money. He even considered following the route of other teenagers who peddled drugs to make money in a short time. Thinking about his family’s integrity, Campbell decided to not sell drugs. However, he understood the concept of drug dealing and decided to do something legal. During that time, he was 19 and many of his friends were into fitness. So, he decided to explore the supplement and nutrition market which saw him establish his own company. He was an expert in finding deals and started providing genuine supplements lower than the market price. He not only built a strong customer base but also started selling his products online on eBay and Amazon.

Campbell set a record for himself by getting more than 100 orders per day, but he hardly earned profits due to marketplace commissions. Later, he started his own website after which he also launched his own store. The business of Size Up had a slow start until Chase had a unique marketing strategy to promote his brand. He held a grand opening of the store and in return, he distributed free merchandise and Size Up tees to the people. Within no time, the brand became the first choice of every fitness enthusiast. BCAA, fat burners, whey proteins, pre and post-workout supplements and other fitness equipment, the brand offers everything to its customers. Besides this, Size Up also made his foray into apparel line which offers the best gym wear in the States. With a vision to succeed, Chase Campbell has proved that hard work pays off and nothing is impossible in life.