Anubhav Mukherjee, founder of ‘The Kolkata Buzz’ explains the essence of being in Bengal

Anubhav Mukherjee, The Kolkata Buzz, Bengal

West Bengal is one of those few states in the world that prioritize culture above everything else. That’s also the reason why Kolkata is referred to as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of India.

But not all Bengalis happen to take birth or stay in Bengal. This changes a lot of things as one has to adapt to the ways of the place they stay in. And you would be surprised to know that the founder of Bengali’s favourite social media platform “The Kolkata Buzz” is a probasi Bengali.

Here we are referring to Anubhav Mukherjee, founder of The Kolkata Buzz that has garnered 216k followers on Instagram, and 1 Million+ on Facebook within 5 years. Mukherjee now also owns Buzzaffair Ventures (OPC) PVT LTD., a digital marketing agency that deals with brands, influencer marketing, event promotions, and social media management.


Anubhav happens to hail from Chhattisgarh and came to Kolkata to pursue film making but ended up getting into the digital world. He is a Bengali by birth but had a lot of contrast in his upbringing which he could understand only after he came to the capital. Like, he was not very thorough with the language and had an accent with him. He didn’t even know to read and write the language and so on. Since his platform’s entire USP is based on Bengalis, let’s learn from what one misses out on when they are not close to their roots.

“When I came to Kolkata, I had little idea about Bengali culture. Like we used to have Durga Puja even there, but not at this large scale. Also, my language was not very strong. I did not know to read or write Bengali. It was only after staying here for the past few years that I learned the language,” says Anubhav.

Here are few things that he has listed that Bengalis miss outside their state.

1. Sweets

“The best of Bengali sweets are only found in Bengal and can be never found anywhere else on earth. This is for sure. So, you don’t taste the authentic stuff when you are outside.”

2. Street Food

“Now Kolkata has the country’s best street food. You would find all dishes here from each part of the country, and even continental stuff. All of them are mouth-watering and can’t be seen anywhere else.”

3. Respect for minimalism and simplicity

“I realized this fact only after I came to Kolkata. I mean no one is exactly competing over clothes or assets here. Everyone finds joy in simple things.”

4. Importance of Music and Art

“Now most Bengalis no matter where they are have innate talents in art and literature but they can only get true reverence if they are in Bengal. Here everyone wants their child to learn at least one form of art.”

5. Adda

“No matter how many clubs they have formed amongst Bengali societies outside Bengal, the true Adda zones are only in the mother state.”

6. The charm of Ganges and its Ghats

“If you have been on a boat under the Howrah Bridge, I need not explain to you why you won’t get the experience elsewhere.”

7. The Pujo Craze

“I haven’t seen so much craze back at my place. I mean there are Mandaps and Pandals but Pujo in Kolkata is something else. It’s huge and seen nowhere else.”

The list does not end here and that’s why Anubhav’s brainchild of creating The Kolkata Buzz has become everyone’s favourite where he tries to integrate A to Z of Kolkata and its people from all over the world.