Each and every content has its platform where it should be placed. In recent times, all the businesses and brands are transforming the whole process in digital forms.

EPR is one of the best examples of taking the offline process to online and real-time access facilities. Abhishek Panara is transforming his offline ceramic brand to set a new system to encourage the new era of the digital world.

The new-age era of the internet has seen many experts in the field of human resource management and ERPs. Abhishek Panara and his team are an emerging name from Gujarat who are delivering management strategies which can make offline entrepreneurship to online entrepreneurship.

The 23-year old guy is based in Gujarat and has a company of his own with a well-coordinated team. He made his foray into the world of online entrepreneurship. He has his educational background in Chartered Account Inter and certified from Cambridge University Press after which he simultaneously started working on entrepreneurship and managing brands.